May 27, 2022

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Green tea and coffee limit the risk of death

Illustration. Des feuilles de thé.

Overall, both drinks reduce the risk of cardiovascular accidents, but most of all, increase the chances of fatal recurrence in their victims.

You are lovers Green tea And coffee? You are unknowingly doing a very good daily health routine for your cardiovascular system! A Japanese scientific study has highlighted the benefits of both substances in people with stroke or heart attack.

Significant reduction in mortality

The work of Japan Cooperative Cohort study researchers for evaluation Cancer Risk in Osaka (or “JACC Study”) Japan, Broadcast by a scientific journal Stroke.

They looked at 46,000 coffee and green tea consumption habits from various Japanese communities between the ages of 40 and 79, 60% of whom were women. Stroke participants were asked to complete regular, comprehensive lifestyle questionnaires before being classified based on their stroke or heart attack history. The study ran for 18 years.

Researchers have examined the link between death associated with green tea or coffee consumption. They found that stroke survivors consuming at least 7 cups of green tea per day reduced their risk of death by approximately 62%. Also, people who had a heart attack and drank one cup of coffee per day had their overall risk of death reduced by 22%.

Look for extra sugar!

Researchers have found that people who do not suffer from a stroke or heart attack and who drink one or more cups of coffee a week have a 14% lower risk of dying from these conditions.

Before you run on your espresso machine or your teapot, be careful! Researchers believe that in Japanese culture, sugar was not added to green tea and rarely to coffee. A very important little detail! If you can not do without this sweet taste, a good spoon of honey is still a good stopgap. Warning However, choose the latter carefully!

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