May 24, 2022

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Official languages: The obvious differences between Jolie and Label

Official languages: The obvious differences between Jolie and Label

Although Melanie Jolie politely welcomed the Quebec government’s requests, the federal minister and her talented Sonia Label did not speak the same language as the major reform of official language law policies.

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Our parliamentary office revealed on Friday that the Quebec-Canadian Minister of Relations Sonia Lebel Trudeau’s government has officially aired requests made by Quebec to modernize 51 years of federal law.

Following the publication of our article, Melanie Jolie, Minister of State for Official Languages, who will be presenting this version in 2021, publicly thanked Mr. Gary.To me Label, in a string of bilingual tweets.

“Our two official languages ​​are at the heart of our heritage,” Mr. said.To me Jolie, in French, as in English.

“Absurd”, PQ leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon responded immediately. In an interview, Justin Trudeau told the party that he saw evidence that the two languages ​​were “equally important.”

Subtle skills

For NDP Deputy Leader, Alexander Bouleris, the gesture made by Mr.To me Jolie says a lot about the Liberal Party of Canada’s “instincts and reactions”, and Justin Trudeau’s liberals prefer the notion of equality to the “equity” demanded by Quebec.

“She was responding to a tweet from the Quebec minister in French, whose official language is French. She was only able to answer well in French, ”lamented the NDP member.

At the bottom of the message, omTo me As noted in the last speech from the Throne, Jolie reiterated her commitment to “strengthen the law of official languages ​​by taking into account the specific reality of the French.”

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However, Quebec, in its requests, instead appeals to recognize the “minority” position of French as the official language.

“There is a very big nuance, Mr. Bouleris believes. The two great visions (scenes of Quebec and Ottawa) do not go together from the beginning. It is clear that they do not start from the same place,” he said.

Like the NDP, Black Cubacois thinks that the White Paper, which Minister Jolie will soon have to table before moving forward with the real reform, will only serve to save time.

“It’s really necessary to modernize the official languages ​​law,” said MP Mario Beaulieu, who said he was “101%” behind Quebec’s position.

“The Liberal government is dragging its feet and refusing to turn it into a priority issue,” said Richmond-Ardhabasca Conservative MP Alain Reyes.