May 24, 2022

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Celebrating International Cancer Day: Prevention is better than cure

Celebrating International Cancer Day: Prevention is better than cure

Tunisia celebrates International Cancer Day on Thursday, February 4, in solidarity with the International Coalition Against Cancer. This year, our country has chosen the theme “Prevention, the only way to escape from cancer”, emphasizing the importance of early detection and effective monitoring in the prevention of cancer. The Health Bulletin from the Ministry reveals and describes the epidemiological situation in the year 2020. As a case in point, it lists patients with cancer by a new number of cases: 3,515 for breast cancer, 204 for breast cancer. Cervical and colon cancer was divided between 1,058 men and 1,132 women, and finally 34 lung cancers affected more than 2,388 patients against 346 women. Does.

Main Recommendations

Therefore, there are recommendations for a wide variety of cancers. Especially for breast cancer: “Do a monthly self-examination daily, look for a tumor or abnormal kidney and see a doctor as soon as there is an abnormal change.

Make sure the gynecologist or midwife conducts an annual clinical examination. Emphasize the need to do radiography at a high level, from the age of fifty, and on a daily basis every two years. For women over 35, automatic examination is recommended, as well as for overweight people. ” For cervical cancer: We know you need to be careful not to fall into bulimia. Cervical scintigraphy begins at age 35, with a re-analysis one year later to confirm the initial result, and then performed regularly every five years ”.

Colon cancer is one of the silent cancers in its early stages, which confirms the importance of detecting and early detection of this type of cancer through serious diagnosis and effective treatment. The following steps were assigned to him: “After two years, daily analysis for women and men aged 50 and over should be repeated periodically for any negative result. In the case where the diagnosis is local, the patient’s guide points lead to endoscopic examination ”. Lack of information about lung cancer can be observed. “This is to conduct virtual training sessions on primary health care governance in partnership with the public administration. It is for the training of physicians in occupational health and safety and colon cancer treatment. To this end, an information campaign was launched on February 4 in the professional environment with an information campaign agency about the fight against cancer in health in Tunisia.” The bulletin concluded.

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