July 5, 2022

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Claude Julian throws an arrow at the NHL

Claude Julian throws an arrow at the NHL

Losing a game with the worst team in the NHL, that could be it. We make poorly, take the opponent lightly, we are amazed. It is not acceptable to bow twice in a row.

However, it almost happened to the Canadian. Claude Julian’s army, which lost Thursday, needs every small change to overtake the senators.

The Franco-Ontarians had to raise their voices between the second and third periods to restore some strength to his flock. Let’s just say they shot themselves by receiving three penalties in the second period.

The Canadian, who until then had dominated with a 19-point grape shot during the first twenty minutes of the game, then became even more passive.

“It got them on ships and moment. We were able to kill three punishments. It was very important. On the other hand, it empowered them and put a little on our heels,” Julian declared after this tight gain.

Tides, he certainly turned out, the senators had the best shooting result, 27-13 in the last two games.

Tough opponent

That’s exactly where the good news is. Used to win arbitrary games from the start of the campaign, the Hobbes found a way to prevent an opponent’s attack and defend their slender lead.

Yes, the senators are far from becoming a powerhouse in the league, but their working ethic will get them a few games in the coming weeks.

“It’s great to win 5-1 or 5-2. But at some point you need to succeed in winning close matches. The senators worked very hard in those two games against us. You have to learn to play this kind of match, ”said Julian, the 200th victory behind the Canadian bench.

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Another blow to the head

For the third time in just three weeks, Julian saw that one of his troops looked like a check to the head.

This time, Jake Evans targeted Eric Goodbranson. When Dylan Dube received a shoulder on the mouth of Jespery Cotkani, no penalty was awarded in the streak.

In the first two cases, Canadians were frustrated with the decision of the Player Safety Department and did not back down from what was happening to the Senators defenseman.

“It simply came to our notice then [que les décideurs de la ligue]. You see this is the shoulder on Evans’ head, but I do not know if there’s a reason to confirm that contact is inevitable, ”he slipped in, talking about the level of satisfaction he had with the work he had done.