May 27, 2023

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Greens discussed systemic racism with leader Legalt‌

Greens discussed systemic racism with leader Legalt‌

(Ottawa) The leader of the Green Party of Canada sought to persuade Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt to have a conversation and to persuade him of the existence of systemic racism.

Catherine Levsk
The Canadian Press

Annami Paul, a black woman who was elected head of the Greens last October, spoke for the first time with Mr Legalt last Monday. The conference focused on increasing health transfers.

OmTo me Paul is now attending the sad anniversary of the attack on the Quebec Grand Mosque. She wanted to broadcast the grievances of the organizers, who sought to have Mr. Legalt recognize the presence of systemic racism.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, she said she had tried to convince Mr Legalt that there was systemic racism in Quebec and other organizations in Canada.

“Identifying it is very important right now because if you don’t recognize it, you can’t work to take it apart [démanteler] “Said M.To me Paul talking about his conversation with the Quebec Premier.

She said Mr Legalt had told her about the steps taken by the Quebec government to combat racism, specifically setting up a working group that recommended no less than 25 actions.

OmTo me Paul was “encouraged” to know that initiatives were taking place. But she believes it is “important” for her to emphasize the real concerns of minority groups.

The CAQ government still refuses to acknowledge the existence of “systemic” racism, which has caused a stir among Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and others.

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Recently, Joyce Echoquan, an indigenous woman who died from abuse, and Boufeldza Benabdalla, co-founder of the Islamic Cultural Center in Quebec, urged Mr Legalt to recognize systemic racism.

OmTo me But Paul did not lose hope. She hopes that her first acquaintance with Mr. Legalt‌ will be very friendly and, if not friendly, that she will be able to continue the discussion with him personally once the sanctions are lifted.

If we want to work together, it is important to have open ways, even if we have differences.

Annami Palm, Green Party leader

Mr Legalt did not want to comment on the Prime Minister’s “private meetings”.

But it was clear that Om was interferingTo me Paul changed nothing. “For our position on this matter [le racisme systémique], It is known and will not change, “said Evan Sawes, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.