May 18, 2022

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Monarchy: CAQ responds like liberals

Monarchy: CAQ responds like liberals

When Newspaper This week Legalt sought the government for his position on the abolition of the monarchy, The idea has the support of a third of the Quebecs, What is his response?

« There are many other preferences for cubers right now And their government does not want to be involved in this process, especially in the health crisis. “

Generous position

In general, liberal governments are similar to Charest or Coillard.

It should be noted, moreover, that this is a former liberal employee, as well as a former PLQ candidate (in 2014 and 2018) who provided the coquist response: Florent Tanlet, now the Minister in charge of Press Attach- Democratic Organizations Sonia Label.

Tanlet, a friendly, committed person. (Legalt positions in immigration‌ are the most critical in 2018). Even if the party changes, he may not have much trouble finding his formulation on the question of monarchy.

When the CAQ promised “change” and “now”, Mr. Tanlet fought for “continuation” and then changed. Usually it is as well. This is the changed CAQ … its position!

Turning Blue

Because, in 2015, Quebec’s new project for nationalists – the crucial “blue” turn – the CAQ wrote: “Ordinary eras and the functioning of Canadian executive federalism need to be reformed to empty some legacies from another era. “

For Quebec companies, the CAQ recommended the “abolition” of the post of Lieutenant Governor (LG), classified as “imperial legacy”.

In fact, with the epidemic, citizens will have their heads elsewhere.

In the wake of the last Vice Regal scandal, why not take the opportunity to recall his position in 2015? Why did you respond with “liberal” pure juice?

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The Legal government may warn federal parties (which may be campaigning soon) that Ottawa will not agree to unilaterally appoint Quebec’s next LG. In 2015, J.M. This was the case with Mitchell Doan, Jean-Louis Rooks in 1996, and Liz Thibault the following year.

British dominance over Quebec in 2021 is ideological. But the Dominion is very real. When you think Quebec will not even elect its head of state (LG).

In the 1980s, Brian Mulroney, who was open to Quebec, approached the Boraussa government when it was time to appoint a new LG in Quebec.

Unfortunately, this method has not become traditional since the Cretan government decided to return to arrogant arbitrariness, which is well defined in the report given to Quebec.


To rule means to control. However, when Elizabeth II left this world, the abolition of the monarchy became a topic of discussion throughout the Commonwealth and in our Dominion. Quebec should be ready.

He needs to prepare for the constitutional round to be instigated by Alberta Premier Jason Kenny, who wants to hold a referendum on equality this fall, which will be responsible for negotiating constitutional changes.

So the Legalt government must remember its own positions, despite the current epidemic. And his promises to “make profits within Canada”.