June 7, 2023

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Three climbers are missing in K2

Three climbers are missing in K2

The Pakistan Alpine Club, their tour operator, said on Saturday that three climbers were missing in an attempt to climb the world’s second highest mountain and the most dangerous K2 peak.

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Three climbers – John Snori (Iceland), Juan Pablo Mohar (Chile) and Muhammad Ali Sadpara (Pakistan) – lost contact with the base camp of the expedition on Friday.

“It’s been over 30 hours since we heard from John Snori, Ali Sadpara and Juan Pablo Mohar (at base camp) because none of their GPS beacons seem to be working,” Chang Dawa said. Tour organizer Sherpa, in a statement.

A Pakistan Army helicopter went in search of the three climbers. “Unfortunately they don’t notice anything and conditions are deteriorating even at the mountain and base camp,” he added.

Pakistan Alpine Club secretary Karrar Hydri confirmed to AFP that the three climbers were missing.

On Friday, there was a deadly fall on the Bulgarian climber K2. Seven Summit Treks, which organized the expedition, said Atanas Skatov, 42, fell while shifting his camp to base camp.

He was the second person to lose his life in recent weeks while attempting to climb the K2, which ends at an altitude of 8,611 meters.

Last month, 49-year-old Spanish mountaineer Sergi Mingote was killed in K2 after falling while returning to base camp.

There were a lot of accidents that killed more than 80 people on this mountain, against almost 450 people who successfully climbed it.

In January, ten Nepalese climbers successfully completed the first winter ascent of the K2.

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Winter conditions in K2 are severe, with winds of up to 200 km per hour and occasional drops to -60 degrees Celsius. This explains why this mountain occurs much less frequently than Everest, where thousands of climbers of all ages have been able to climb.

Especially due to the border closure due to the epidemic, a few more prestigious massifs are available at this time and there are no more than four rope parties for the 60 climbers who met in K2 this winter.