July 3, 2022

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Yasmina Khadra settled accounts with Moroccan author Tahar Ben Jello

Yasmina Khadra settled accounts with Moroccan author Tahar Ben Jello

Yasmina Khadra continues to settle scores with her opponents. After complaining ” Banned by Algerian intellectuals “And the Arabs in general, especially the French-speaking Algerian writers, have been accused.” Belongs to France “, And He defended his decision Between 2007 and 2014, he attacked Moroccan writer Tahar Benjeloun to take over as director general of the Algerian Cultural Center in Paris. In one week, the successful Algerian writer multiplied the attacks, almost none.

In an interview with TV5 Monde, Yasmina Khadra, Whose real name is Mohamed Mouleshaul, decided to say what he thinks about the 1987 Goncourt Prize winner. The Sacred Night . « After twenty years of silence, when no one tried to calm down and abandon the villain, I had to condemn the unspeakable maneuvers of a writer who was always respected and deserved to be considered. I named it Tahar Benzellown Said Yasmina Khadra.

What did he accuse the Franco-Moroccan author of being a member of the Academy Gon‌court? ” I am a man who has been deformed for twenty years in this country called France “, He immediately denied.

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« Courage knows only one enemy »

« You know the famous author, known all over the world, Prix Goncourt, an influential member of the Academy Goncourt, known as Tahar Ben Jalloon, who has been saying everywhere for 20 years, from January 2001 until this morning, I was a cheater, my Negro knew he was not the one who wrote my books. Through it all, I wrote this book to find all sorts of scandals, fakes, many chimerak rantings, to tell those who appreciate my work, my work, that you are reading something. “, Yasmina Khadra, in response to a question about her book” Kissing and biting .

Hence the accusation that the Algerian writer Tahar Ben Jelloon was blocked by the doors of French literary institutions and the French media. ” Mine asks themselves a lot of questions. They begin to doubt. A person excluded from all French literary institutions and (literary) juries. In my last book, The Salt of All Forgotten, all French TVs and radios were blocked , He adds.

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Yasmina Khadra also explained why he decided to blow his beard and blame the Moroccan writer. ” At some point, we will tell ourselves that there is a Kovid, maybe we will die overnight, now it is better to blow the beard. Tahar Ben Jelloun is very low, no debate. Courage knows only one enemy, is stronger than cowardice », He said again.