May 20, 2022

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LFP paves the way for anarchy

LFP paves the way for anarchy

As expected, LFP President Abdel Krim Madour gave the go-ahead by postponing the USMA / MCA and ASO / CRB meetings to a later date.

Madour, who indicated on Friday that he was not satisfied with the request made by the MCA, swelled his chest on the television set, only a few hours before giving in again to various pressures. Madour’s words made social networks respond. However, they believed that Kleif’s former president would finally keep his word, not really knowing how to do it by ordering even the slightest thing elsewhere in the past. This time, he chose the same attitude, rejecting them, before saying yes very sensitively, except this time, the first episode of this particular new season, where there is no time or adequate framework to allow these deviations.

72 hour rule

Prior to the start of the championship, Maydour, in his media appeals, appealed to clubs, especially those playing African competition, to abide by the rules. He is particularly reminded of their commitment to play 72 hours before or after the African tour. A call was heard, but it clearly fell on deaf ears, given the attitude of the MCA leadership, CRB and even their opponents who said no. Meadows, who wanted his opponents to reject the proposal, was finally subjected to the same pressures he had in the past, paving the way for transgression and true anarchy. Because, as we saw yesterday, from now on, all clubs will ask not to play before going to Africa. The management of JSK has just generated this request and will be followed by a copy of it from Entente de Satif. All African teams allow themselves this luxury, embarrassing the LFP because, as we know, hosting this new 38-day championship is not already that easy. The league is doing its part to avoid re-scheduling late matches. Everything is calculated in this sense; Now this admiration for MCA and CRB will bring the LFP back to the starting position.

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Blessing of the FAF

Maydour is the only man left alone, but for a while he had no complete control over the league, and because it was kept under supervision. Of course, he is appointed and continues to manage day-to-day affairs, but all decisions are made by the FAF. So the obvious question is: why did the federation support this postponement, knowing that it would have a negative impact on the rest of the competition?

This first mistake of the LFP is more than one in terms of FAF conspiracy orders. Some will go so far as to link these contributions made to clubs to the coming elections.

However, the LFP will have to turn its plans upside down and find 2 or 4 meeting dates. It was not for her or for the clubs, especially for the MCA and CRB to play in group stage matches as well as championship matches. They have to reverse their labor force. In the case of Madurai, he will have to compromise further, as his successor finds a field weakened by the disorder.

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