May 20, 2022

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Mechanical or membrane keyboard for gaming? – Ubigeek

Mechanical or membrane keyboard for gaming?  - Ubigeek

Gaming never stops attracting, exciting, inspiring and giving pleasure. It has a whole atmosphere revolving around it and the keyboard is part of it. Isn’t going for a membrane keyboard more electrifying? Or is it wise to choose a mechanical keyboard? We have put an end to doubt through this article

Differences between Membrane Keyboard and Mechanical Keyboard

Membrane keyboard

Polyester is a unique material of the membrane keyboard. The keys that characterize it can take many forms: they are soft, eroded and rough joints.

The operation follows a more or less normal transmission mechanism. As soon as the circuit is triggered by the spring system the requested letter is displayed – the stud – below the outer layer.

Mechanical keyboard

A well-known mechanical keyboard has a micro switch and a spring switch. The two form a system to transmit the electrical signal.

There are different formats of mechanical keyboards: they have a full-size configuration with a numeric keypad, an 80% configuration without a numeric keypad, a more minimalist 60% configuration, and finally a 75% configuration similar to laptop keyboards.

Which keyboard to choose for trap-free gaming?

Admittedly, the membrane keyboard is more discreet, which is really beneficial in allowing the ears to end more days without whistling. It is also lightweight, affordable and makes moving fast and easy. However, it offers reduced reactivity and is not suitable for gaming.

Mechanical keyboard provides good accuracy Thanks to the micro-spring system we mentioned earlier in this article. This, without forgetting the manual convenience, you only need to light press to transmit the signal.

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In addition, in gaming‌, you must move forward quickly and sometimes, overcoming with an element of excitement and surprise, so that your strikes are strong and close. The keys on the membrane keyboard do not last long.

In contrast, mechanical keys have a certain rigidity, which allows them to prevent losing their reactivity. Similarly, they will instantly return to their starting position, which the layer keyboard does not promise!

In terms of noise emitted by mechanical keyboards, new technologies have been able to achieve great success at this level. The new designs combine more discretion and serenity and precision. Then do not worry, you will not be overwhelmed by the resonance like in the 1980s when the first mechanical keyboard was born.


With an average durability of 50 million keystrokes, The right choice for a mechanical keyboard gamer Combining quick and immediate action. If it is impossible for you to lose success in your competitions, it is better to avoid the membrane keyboard, which is inaccurate and its durability is only estimated at 5 million keystrokes.