December 4, 2022

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Pyrenees Gaming: Atelier Raiza 2, Japanese Adventure

Pyrenees Gaming: Atelier Raiza 2, Japanese Adventure

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One year after the release of the first episode of Atelier Raiza – derived from the Atelier series – the Japanese role-playing game by Gust (Koi Techmo) returns for the second episode, a live sequel to the previous Opus.

Released in France a few days ago, Atelier Raiza 2: Forgotten Epics & Mystery invites you to go on an adventure with an alchemist named Raiza. To understand what is this mysterious black egg that his master assigned him.

Limited view thanks to quality universe

Chance to find her friends she met during a previous adventure. Assure newcomers, doing the first episode is not mandatory. However, only a few scriptwriting nuances will escape you.

Sure in the scenario, this is unfortunately one of the big weak points of the title. Simply at will, he leaves the marble while combining platitudes and intelligence. And if we stick to a few letters in spite of everything, the simple framework is not relatively exciting. Lovers of pure adventure and telling can be disappointed on this side.

The weak story, however, is an excuse to set up a very good quality combat system. This becomes particularly the question of alchemy, an approach that allows the player to build his equipment and objects. To do this, he must have the necessary dishes and equipment. Really well done, this system allows for many combinations and gives real freedom to the player.

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© Photo Credit: Capture PS4

Similarly, fights are dynamic and sometimes fantastic. Combined with the alchemical system makes it one of the real strengths of the title.

The app also has a fascinating universe. Instead of being pretty – albeit a little simple again – the Atelier Raiza 2 allows the player to start exploring very simply and efficiently.

The artistic direction is also very successful and we take pleasure in controlling Raiza through the capital and its surroundings., All to the rhythm of a very high level soundtrack.

Unequal title

The title of the guest is ultimately unequal. Succeeding in terms of combat, it was very frustrating to speak of script writing. The universe of Atelier Raiza 2 is so bad, you want to sink into it.

This was a perfect opportunity for beginners of the genre as the title for the first episode was subtitled entirely in French. However, this is an interesting topic for those who want to learn Japanese role-playing games without making their life too complicated. For those accustomed to the genre, it can prove to be very simple.

Atelier Raiza 2: Forgotten Legends & Mystery, Guest, 69.99 euros. PS4 (backwards compatible on PS5), PC and Nintendo Switch. This test was performed on the XPS4 version of the title.

If you like Atelier Raiza 2 …

  • You can replace Kawas (Editor’s note: so-called beautiful drawing style)
  • You like to fight in the scenario
  • You have an alchemical spirit

If you do not like Atelier Raiza 2 …

  • Stupid things bother you
  • You like the illustration of the fight
  • You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo