May 23, 2022

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The union said the offer insulted FSQ-CSQ nurses

The union said the offer insulted FSQ-CSQ nurses

The union, which is represented by 5,000 nurses, licensed practical nurses and pulmonologists in (Montreal) Quebec, said the Legalt government was not trying to give these health workers some oxygen, despite the fact that it was the year they tried to fight the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Helen Moka |
The Canadian Press

The Federation de la Santa du Quebec (FSQ), an affiliate of the Central des Unions du Quebec (CSQ), announced this weekend that it had turned down a global settlement offer submitted by government representatives. She spoke of the great dissatisfaction of its members who could not come to think of pressure tactics.

“We are not there yet. Today, what we want to say openly is that the offer made by the government to FSQ is not acceptable, ”CSQ President Sonia Ether told a news conference on Sunday.

“People are very angry over the offer given by the government and it will not solve the problems in the health network in any way,” she said.

FSQ-CSQ President Claire Montaur describes the slow pace of negotiations.

“In 16 months, we have not resolved a single article,” she said, referring to union demands filed in November 2019.

The latter finds it embarrassing and inappropriate for the government to seek “concessions” from people who are not even entitled, if the epidemic management finds that the negotiations between the parties have slowed down at a certain point. For their holidays ”.

She explains that discussions are particularly hesitant about patient-nurse ratios and the workloads to be achieved.

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“Every day, we see people crying and resigning about their working conditions on social networks and in the media,” the FSQ-CSQ president said.

“Wouldn’t we like to discuss the workload, the ways to take it and the mechanisms to keep it? How can we not talk about it in the collective agreement and find solutions,” Claire Mantour asked.

When they realized the picture of the situation, CSQ President Sonia Ether presented some statistics on sick leave on the health network.

“In 2018-2019, the entire health and social services network will have a salary insurance of 700 million. The year before, it was 500 million. It is growing. The world is sick. It represents over 10,000 jobs, 10,000 people are sick and not with this offer, it solves the basic problems, ”said MTo me Ethereum.

The two women are therefore asking the government to review its proposal as it has a “duty of negotiation”.

Work-family balance through part-time work

Claire Montour believes that part-time work in the healthcare sector should also be considered by Quebec, as more nurses, nursing assistants and respiratory therapists are selected to try to restore work and family.

“The government is promising bonuses to make full-time jobs more attractive, but it’s not enough. He does not want to understand that part – time positions are the way many workers have found to protect their skin in the current context.To me Montor.

It also gives part-time employees the bonus of doing “the same things” as full-time employees.

Claire Montour arrives in Quebec to negotiate again.

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“We have solutions and our world recognizes them, and we’re in a hurry to keep them!