May 27, 2022

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Official languages ​​in Canada | A law “as soon as possible”, the commissioner hopes

Official languages ​​in Canada |  A law "as soon as possible", the commissioner hopes


Leah Levsky
The Canadian Press

Minister Melanie Jolie, who is in charge of the file at the federal level, will soon table her white paper on the matter. The version of the 1969 Act will eventually be followed.

Last Friday, the Minister in charge of Canadian Relations, Sonia Label, explained Quebec’s position that we want to recognize that in both official languages ​​of Canada, “French is the only minority in the whole of Canada. Canada.”

As such, the French language “only needs protection and promotion across the country, including Quebec,” said Minister Label.

She insisted that this protection did not come at the expense of English-speaking community rights in Quebec.

In response to Minister Label’s departure, Official Languages ​​Commissioner Raymond Theberg said he hoped the legislature would “find a solution that fits the constitutional foundations on which our country depends.”

Beyond the white paper that Minister Jolie puts on the table, since the original law is 51 years old, she feels the modernization of the law is “necessary”.

French: “special” condition

The Commissioner for Official Languages ​​also said that “the French situation in the country is truly unique” and that the language and culture of over 8 million Francophones need to be protected at sea in Canada. There are over 300 million English speakers in North America. ”

However, he does not forget Quebec’s English – speaking community. I particularly understand the concerns of the English-speaking minority community in Quebec; For this reason, in the context of reflecting on the modernization of the law, legislators have come up with solutions that could protect the language rights of the English-speaking community in Quebec. Communities. Francophones outside Quebec, ”he commented.

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Minister Melanie Jolie also reacted to the departure of Minister Label last Friday. “Our two official languages ​​are at the heart of our heritage. In September, we are committed to strengthening the Official Languages ​​Act, taking into account the specific realities of French. The Federal Government will do its part and continue in the areas under its jurisdiction.”