May 22, 2022

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The first patient may have been a soldier of the French army – the La Novelle Tribune

The first patient may have been a soldier of the French army - the La Novelle Tribune

The first person to be deceived VIH / PAGE May be a French army soldier. This information was provided by a Canadian infectious disease specialist and epidemiologist Jacques Pepin, In his updated work “Sources of AIDS”. There he insisted “Patient zero” Du VIH was a member of the French army that fought in the First World War. According to him, a soldier was infected with the virus while hunting for a chimpanzee in the Cameroonian jungle.

The soldiers faced a lack of food

Jacques Pepin A military operation involving 1600 French and Belgian soldiers led to them in 1916 Cameroon, Definitely in the village Moloundau, A region bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo. The villagers left the place before the arrival of the soldiers for fear of being raped and murdered. When they arrived, the soldiers faced a lack of food, which forced them to hunt in the bush. In an interview Daily Mail, Jacques Pepin Suggested: “My hypothesis is that one of the soldiers was infected while hunting in the forest. A soldier was killed by a chimpanzee, and the soldier was wounded by a virus while cutting the animal to bring it back. ”.

The disease came to Haitians in the country

He also said the soldier in question had returned Leopoldville, Today Kinshasa, And so on “The very first transmission train in Leopoldville”. When however Congo Independent in 1960, the virus began to spread due to the influx of refugees and immigrants. The internationalization of the virus began when a Haitian in the country caught the disease before it could be transmitted at home. Note that this version of HIV patient zero is not the same as the older version of the book “Sources of AIDS” Let the latter know that the first HIV patient is a local hunter.

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