July 5, 2022

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The local SME lit the Super Bowl

The local SME lit the Super Bowl

For the second year in a row, Montreal-based PixMob has lit up the Super Bowl half-time show.

“We are delighted to be called back,” he confirmed Journal SME President, Jean-Oliver Dolfond.

“It’s just like we did last year, we lit up everywhere in the stadium, he explained. However, it’s different, because there are very few people in the stadium and there are a lot of boxes with faces of people we have lit.”

Low audience

Because of the pandemic, there were only 22,000 people at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, where 7,500 health care workers were vaccinated.

Everyone got a PixMob LED wristband. The organizers filled the audience with 30,000 cardboard toys, on which Picks Mob pasted small lighting devices.

“We had the opportunity to create a kind of commonality, unity and solidarity while expanding the exhibition,” Mr Dolfand said.

As the cardboard toys are fixed, the Picks Mob has perfected its technology to move the lighting effects in space, giving the impression of a huge buzzing audience.

Three Quebec employees of the company went to Florida and put everything together.

As soon as they entered the stadium, they definitely had to wear a mask, visor and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. They were not allowed to eat together.

Typically, the Pix Mob participates in dozens of events each year, which did not happen in 2020.

“The Super Bowl is a big deal. It may be a little less than a normal year, but this year is important, ”said Jean-Oliver Dolfond. Pix Mob also participated in the 2014 event.

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Pandemic diversification

As early as last spring, the company expanded its operations by launching SafeTeams, a small connectivity tool that facilitates physical distance and contact tracing. It is especially suitable for workers in factories and warehouses.

Nearly fifty companies, including Coca-Cola Canada, have adopted SafeTeams. It is used by approximately 15,000 workers in Canada and the United States.

With the vaccine, Pix Mob is showing new interest in its core activities. “People are starting to think about touring in 2022,” Dolfand said. […] We can see the end [de la pandémie]. »