March 21, 2023

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Timely break for Canadians

Timely break for Canadians

The disappointing performance against the Ottawa Senators meant that the team had a general agreement with the Montreal Canadians that they could not rely on their talent to win games.

After making its debut in the National Hockey League (NHL), the Hobbs series divided the honors into two games between the two clubs. However, the “Senses” are too late for their part.

Watch Claude Julian’s press briefing in the video above.

Head coach Claude Julian also made a very clear observation, Monday after training, that it was enough to move his troops.

“I found that we didn’t play our best games against Ottawa, the second being the worst of the two,” Julian analyzed in a video conference. If we don’t compete to the maximum, we’ll be a really normal team. “

Without trying to dampen the senators ’efforts, Brendan Gallagher also watched both games with caution about team policy. According to him, CH responded to the senators ’game plan rather than imposing it on his own.

“For two games, they have a plan and it’s hard to face. They’re really on our faces, they ‘t hard. They worked and skated,” Gallagher said. “I’m very happy with our effort, but I do not want to take anything from Ottawa. You did the right thing. “

“For us, we have to go back to what we did before. It doesn’t matter how the other team plays. It’s our job to jump on the ice and execute our game plan.”

Pause at the right time

Canadians are currently enjoying a three-day series without a game that will allow us to settle the dust, examine what went wrong and make adjustments, according to Petrie.

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“If you ask anyone in the locker room, no one is happy with the two games we played. Apparently, we were happy with Saturday’s victory, but we did not impose our game. We lost this push, it allowed us to win, ”said the man who became the third star of the week in the NHL.

“We worked in training to regain that state of mind. Sessions allowed us guys to practice and fight to find a state of mind. “

A fight at the top

Against the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Canadian will fight for first place in the Canadian division. The Ontario club are currently one point ahead of the Hubs (8-2-2) with a 9-2-1 record in the front row.

Gallagher did not want to care too much about the Leafs, however, and wanted his team to focus on the game instead.

“I can not believe what the Maple Leafs do. They have a very good team, but it’s about playing our game. We were disappointed to lose the first game against them and now have a chance to take our revenge.”

“We have goals to achieve and we need to focus on what we can do.”

Brendan Gallagher Press Briefing

Press Briefing Jeff Petrie