July 4, 2022

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Consensus in favor of the Camille-Lorraine constituency

Consensus in favor of the Camille-Lorraine constituency

Opposition parties and the Catholic Church have backed a proposal by CAQ member Richard Compue for Bourget to change the name of his constituency in honor of Bill 101’s father, Camille Laurin.

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The Archdiocese of Montreal, who conveyed the idea of ​​the MP Compu, was delighted to see Camille Laurin’s memory highlighted in this way, recalling that he was “a great believer in the Catholic tradition”.

“We welcome the fact that the constituency bears the name of a man of faith who has found a powerful engine for his social and political commitments,” said Erica Jacinto, press secretary in the archbishop’s office.

Named the County of Bourgate in memory of Bishop Ignas Borghett of Montreal from 1840 to 1876.

If he agrees on this point, then the party’s Cubacois leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon sees it as a “public relations operation” by the government, which is still slow to table version 101 of the bill.

At this point, he struck out that “the CAQ multiplies artefacts, however, it works against the French language or does not work in the file of Act 101”.

The leader of Quebec’s Liberal Party, Dominic Anglade, Maurice-Richard, used the MP’s advantage for Mary Montpet, pointing out that she was the latest person to lead the change of her constituency name in the past. Called Kromaji.

Commenting on MP Compu’s project, Dominic Anglade said, “We are open.

For his part, a co-spokeswoman for Quebec Solidair Manon Mass said he agrees with the idea of ​​recalling the memory of Camille Laurin, but most women want to receive the same honor.

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A CAQ member on Tuesday launched a petition to Bourgate Riding to collect signatures from Kubersers to change his riding name in honor of Camille Lorraine.

This document must be formally submitted to his colleagues at Salon Blue on March 9 or 10, i.e. on the 22nd occasionE Anniversary of the death of former PQ Minister, March 11, 1999.

Dr. Laurin represented Bourgate’s ride from 1970 to 1973, from 1976 to 1985, and then from 1994 to 1998. After the election of Renనే Lowesque’s PQ government in 1976, he became Minister of State for Cultural Development under the direction of Camille Laurin to draft a new language law.

The following spring, he called for a French language charter in the National Assembly, known as Bill 101.