September 25, 2023

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Kamara case | “Non-transparent investigation …”

Kamara case |  "Non-transparent investigation ..."

(Quebec) Mamadi III Farah Kamara’s lawyers are dissatisfied with the “opaque” investigation announced by Quebec on Tuesday to clarify the confusion that led to his arrest, detention and charges against him. The main interested party may refuse to participate.

Tommy ChaunardTommy Chaunard

“An investigation that is not transparent and not public is problematic,” Mr said.E In an interview with Virginie Dufresne-Lemire. We ask serious questions about the legitimacy of an opaque investigation. We think about what we advise our client to do or not to do. ”

The government is proposing an “exercise behind closed doors” when a proper public hearing is needed. “It is also unclear whether the investigation deals with profiling. This is an important question. We do not intend to answer, but this question must be asked,” he said.E Dufresne-Lemir, who works with others with ME Alain Arsenalt on a document in the law firm of Arsenal Dufresne v.

The lawyer stated that the report could be fully or partially disclosed as there was “no guarantee” in the matter. “We’re sorry,” she said.

False allegations have surfaced that Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM) tried to kill a policeman from Sanjay Wig after Mamadi III Farah Kamara was disarmed. The real culprit is still running. SPVM apologized to Mr. Kamara for this error.

Quebec announced on Tuesday that it had launched an investigation to shed light on the matter. “We want to know what happened because it’s worrying. Listen, it’s not meant to be.” Prime Minister Franois Legalt told a news conference on the pandemic that we need to get to the bottom of things.

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The Quebec investigation order was handed over to Judge Louis Dionne, the former director of the Criminal and Conviction Tribunal. His appointment will be approved by the Council of Ministers at its weekly meeting on Wednesday.

It is responsible for verifying the ance picture of the actions taken by the police officers in accordance with the legal framework and identified methods in this regard. It can make recommendations regarding concrete steps that need to be taken to prevent such a situation from happening again, “said Genevieve Gilbolt, Minister of Public Safety in a statement.

“At the end of the process, the report may be fully or partially disclosed without interfering with the police investigation or legal action,” she said.

Photo archives by Jacques Boisinot, Canadian Press

Genevieve Gilmbolt, Minister of Public Safety

As Minister of Public Safety, my first concern is to prevent innocent people from finding themselves in the circumstances experienced by Mr. Camara. The confidence of our citizens in our police and law enforcement agencies is in danger.

Minister of Public Safety, Genevieve Gilmbolt

The government is launching this investigation Police Act. Section 279 “The Minister or a person appointed by him may investigate any police force”. By law “the investigator has the powers and immunity of a commissioner appointed The law relating to public commissions of inquiry, Except for the power to impose imprisonment ”. Another important point: “The report should not contain any allegations or recommend sanctions against anyone”.

Fame “It is well established”

Louis Dionne’s work begins February 22 for a maximum of five months. “Judge Dionne’s reputation is well established. I do not think you can imagine anyone who knows the system better than he does,” Franకోois Legalt argued.

The photo is archived by the Canadian Press

Judge Louis Dionne

OmE Dionne has been a judge in the Superior Court since 2013. He previously served as Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) from 2007 to 2011. He was a Public Security (2003-2005) and Justice (2005-2007). He was previously the director of the fight against organized crime in Certe du Quebec (1998-2001).

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While providing “its full support” to this investigation, the DPCP announced an “independent examination” on the legal treatment of the file in this case. Its purpose is to shed light on “the circumstances that led to the decisions made in this case at various stages of the legal process in relation to applicable legal standards and principles.” He said it was “possible” that Judge Dionne would also be responsible for the trial. He made a request to Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette. It will be accepted, the government has been told.

Montreal Meyers, Valerie Plante, praised the establishment of the investigation “as soon as possible”. “The announced investigation will fulfill the desired objectives, i.e. establish a neutral investigation into the whole process that led to the verification of Mr. Camara’s innocence last Friday,” she said, assisting Ville de Montreal.

Feedback on events

On January 28, SPVM police officer Sanjay Wig Mamadi intercepted Farah Kamara III as part of a surveillance operation for using a cell phone while driving in a park-extension district. He was later unarmed and wounded. Mamadi III Farah Kamara was arrested.

On January 29, Mr. Camara was detained after this first appearance.

On February 3, during the release investigation, the DPCP announced that it was suspending the judicial process due to new information revealed by the police investigation. The video from the Department of Transportation shows the presence of another suspect. Mr Camara was released on bail for six days.

On February 5, SPVM Director Sylvain Karen expelled Mr. Camara and apologized.

– With Isabelle Ducas, Tap

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