December 4, 2022

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Religious Right | Quebec Journal

Religious Right |  Quebec Journal

Fall 2020, Quebec and relations between religions were stormed.

On September 21, in an angry press release, Quebec responded to the start of the reconstruction announced by Quebec with the Table Interreligues de Kacheri du Quebec. In this table, we find representatives of Catholics, Anglicans, Evangelicals, “from different Jewish traditions”, “from different mosques”. Admirable deal. They said it was an insult to public health, in tightening these rules, to classify places of worship as bars. “This compound is unfair and untrue”, they were angry. They argue that religion is like cinemas and theaters.

The table called for “clear and open communication” with government officials. “We’m not asking for a privilege,” she muttered.

On September 22, 2020, in front of the media, the Director of National Health (DNSP), Horacio Rare, remained motionless.

Religion and science

Relying on scientific literature, he affirmed that “religious ceremonies create more cases than in theaters.” They lead to “reconciliations, communities” and introductions after the ceremony. To go to the show it is “very different”, where “we sit”, take off our mask, “we are two meters away”, “we see” and “we come out”. And next to the exhibition, “No collection or celebration”.

It’s rare

Despite these explanations, religions claim rights in the Red Zone, 25 for ceremonies and 250 in the Orange Zone. During the meeting with the table, 1Is October, Radio-Canada revealed on Saturday that Mr. Rare “speaks of his faith” and reassures leaders who have “the interests of believers wholeheartedly”!

No surprise? What does the confidence of the DNSP do in this debate?

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Especially at the beginning of 2021, Quebec pushed us – for good reason – into strict custody with a bonus curfew.

Religions do their part by closing places of worship. However, after lobbying dr Rarely, they get the right to have 10 people in the prayer room. It doesn’t matter if the rest of Quebec is subject to “electroshock”! Everyone else – agnostics and atheists in particular – is forbidden to meet at 10. We are not arguing that “for believers, attending religious ceremonies is comforting.” But religious freedom does not make health rules Trump.

The Supreme Court judge, Chantal Mass, eloquently recalled this in her judgment of the Hasidic Jews on Friday: […], Other responsibilities come into force and force a difficult choice or significant sacrifice. “

Why do places of worship have a special right? Hasidix is ​​a privilege that is not enough and competed with some success.

Because, in the chain of decisions, did believers want to atone for their sin, tightening the screw on religions in September?

It will surprise you.