May 23, 2022

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Student Sports: “It will be over soon,” said RSEQ’s CEO

Student Sports: "It will be over soon," said RSEQ's CEO

If Quebec’s premier, Franకోois Legalt, had recently announced a small partial deconstruction of the province, student sport would still be stalled due to the coronavirus epidemic.

True, nothing has yet been announced to allow students to re-practice their favorite sport. However, according to Gustav Royal, president and CEO of the Quebec Student Sport Network (RSEQ), the news should come soon.

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“We had a very special meeting on Friday with Public Health, especially Dr. Massey, to demonstrate the ability to cooperate in a supervised and safe manner to get back to school,” he said Wednesday. Performance Hi Hello In TVA.

“And we’re not talking about competition: we’re talking about the activity that allows these young people to move to connect with the school. We hope the listening will be there. The support we are getting right now makes us believe that the result will come soon. ”

Currently, more than 220,000 young people are missing out on sports activities at school.

“Quebec is not in an easy case, the planet is not in an easy case,” Royal said. The approach we take is to cooperate with the Minister [Isabelle Charest], In particular, in relation to everything allowed. We know that what is allowed is extracurricular, so young people can do activities. ”

“Currently, in the Orange Zone, it is allowed for eight people outside, which is not allowed in the student environment. One in five young people is currently playing sports at school and is unable to do any activities after school. We feel that this needs to be done because it endangers the educational success of these young people. There is mental health, but there is also health in school. “

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