May 23, 2022

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“Yes, yes, yes, roadblocks!”

"Yes, yes, yes, roadblocks!"

The Legalt government plans to tighten the screw during the break week to prevent new contamination.

What actions do you take?

The question, asked on the Quebec Matin Facebook page, provokes a number of reactions and many respondents are in favor of returning roadblocks between regions.

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“I agree with the resumption of the curfew at 8pm for everyone and roadblocks to prevent an increase in cases in the area. Everyone in the Red Zone.”

“We must continue the curfew and install roadblocks between areas where only the necessary workers are authorized.” -Mark

“We need to protect the orange areas in particular. We need to do what is necessary to prevent a resumption with the increase in cases.” – Sylvie

“We need roadblocks to prevent Red Zone people from going to the Orange Zone and I believe the existing curfew will work.” -Melanie

“We need to break the curfew and we need roadblocks between areas.” -Francin

“It smells like the return of roadblocks, which is a good thing to protect orange areas.” -Vincent

“I agree with Mr. Legalt‌ for special measures for the spring break !!!” – Genet

“I agree 100%, we must install dams.” -Maxim

“Yes, yes, yes, roadblocks!” -Daniel

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