May 24, 2022

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Actress Gina Carono has been banned from Mandalay after controversial posts

La femme, vêtue d'un costume de la série, se tient debout, appuyée sur un poteau.

The actress plays a hired Cara Dune in the series from the Star Wars universe. Disney subsidiary Lucasfilm said in a statement Wednesday that she is no longer employed in the studio. There are no plans to stay again in the future.

His social media posts that degrade people based on their cultural or religious identities are offensive and unacceptable, We will include in the press release.

One of her posts, which was severely criticized on social media, was posted on Instagram on Wednesday, suggesting that the treatment of Republican Party supporters and supporters in America could be compared to the Jewish population under the Nazi regime.

She says Jewish people – even children – were beaten in the streets, not Nazi soldiers, but their own neighbors.

She continued on Instagram: What most people do not know these days is that in order for Nazi soldiers to reach the point where they could easily arrest thousands of Jews, the government must first make their own neighbors hate them because they are Jews. How is it different to hate someone for their political positions?

Gina Carono later deleted this post, but the post was widely circulated on social media, where the hashtag #FireGinaCarano (Agni Gina Carano).

She published a photo the same evening to make fun of wearing the mask, and withdrew. In 2020, she published several messages in support of Donald Trump and accused the president of committing massive electoral fraud without proof.

Last November, the actress was criticized when she was added Beep / boop / boop For his biography on Twitter, people who display pronouns that are meant in this way are ridiculed. Gina Carrano later dropped the reference, saying she understood why the show was important to some.

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The actress is a former mixed martial arts fighter who switched to acting in the early 2010s.