July 6, 2022

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Guhley quit rocket training

Guhley quit rocket training

Laval Rocket will play the first game of the regular season at the Bell Center on Friday, but it could be without young defender Kayden Guhley, who had to leave training on Thursday.

At a press conference, head coach Joel Bouchard said the Montreal Canadians’ recent first-round pick should be absent, probably due to injury. Guhle’s case is uncertain on Friday and his health will be re-evaluated by then.

Bouchard said of the defender that “there is nothing terrible or dramatic.”

“If he’s healthy, the goal is to play Kaiden and give him mileage,” the rocket pilot said. Honestly, he deserves it, he deserves it. He is a first round pick because we are not giving him. But we are going to be careful. ”

With 34 players in the racket entourage, the American League team can play it safely. One thing is for sure, the injury-free Guhley is ready to see some action. He has impressed the coaching staff since the training camp started.

“How has he been doing since he started at 10?” I would say 12, Bouchard says, giving the defender more than an accurate rating. In its integration, in its way of understanding, as in participating in intra-team matches. We others, for its unification, has zero problem. “

Speaking of integration, youngster John Mysak took part in training with the full team on Thursday. Bouchard has not yet revealed his cards for training on Friday, as he sometimes likes to argue patience with young people.

“We connect it quietly. He’s a sponge and he’s learning professional hockey. The goal is to see him and work with him and put him in winning situations. The good news is, we have a lot of games in the next few weeks,” he admitted, adding that the Rocket’s home four season against Belleville senators. Started with games.

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Let the boys play

Bouchard did not like to put too much pressure on his men from the first game. After all, most of them haven’t played in a year.

“First games, I want to let them play,” the former player said. It’s like pre-season games. I am not saying that it is not important to win, we will do everything to win tomorrow [vendredi]. I will not be Scotty Bowman in Game 7 of the Cup Final. They haven’t even played a year. ”

The head coach is happy with the training he has had this season; A good mix of established veterans and good young shoots. Appointments are used in all sauces, without specific rotation. Bouchard sees this as the culmination of a three-year plan that began after he came up with the rocket.

“I think my young players can bring me up faster than the guys we had in the past,” the 47-year-old said.