May 19, 2022

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Honor Camille Lorraine and erase our memory

Honor Camille Lorraine and erase our memory

A CAQ member wants to honor Bill 101’s father, Camille Laurin, by naming Bourgate Riding after Quebec’s giant builder, Monsignor Ignas Bourgate. Cannibalism is a fine example of memory.

I really like what Camille Lauren means. In general, I should appreciate the initiative with the aim of honoring its name. Gold, I am disappointed by this petition, Launched by MP Richard Compu, which already further erases the memory of our people!

Camille Lorraine, who has long represented the population of Bourgate constituency, deserves to be recognized at the top of her former stronghold … but for that, is it necessary to strike the name of a more majestic giant than him?

Memory theft

I published a book called Two Years Ago A memory stolen from you To illustrate how we can erase everything that existed before 1960 and systematically reduce it. I’m afraid I’m watching another episode of this Quebec “self-destructive” mania.

Following the defeat of the Patriots and the Durham report that recommended our disappearance, our people are likely to collapse. If we were still there, it was, to some extent, because a cultured and shrewd man like Ignas Bourget knew how to transform the church from here into a “state within a state” where the French Canadians had the levers of power … except for the military, the economy and politics, we We control the church to help with indigestion, schools, classical colleges, universities, hospitals, and so on.


Quebec, a million times, is not only in the process of giving up its bad memory instinct, the clarity of the Franకోois Legalt government is clear.

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The government is funding the anglicization of the island of Montreal by filling the English-speaking college network with hundreds of millions. Camille is said to have spit as long as she was on the tomb of Lauringr Bourgate!