July 5, 2022

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Ministry of Transport | “We are still under the influence of political directives.”

Ministry of Transport |  "We are still under the influence of political directives."

(Quebec) Ministry of Transport (MTQ) “political directives” are still going on.

Patrice Bergeron
The Canadian Press

It is supported by the Professional Association of Engineers of the Government of Quebec (APIGQ).

“Political directives are still there, and we are still under the influence of political directives,” APIGQ President Mark-Andre Martin told a parliamentary committee on Thursday.

He testified during the consultation on Bill 60, which aims to completely overhaul the public service recruitment system.

APIGQ verified that everything was done to bypass its members. According to Martin, we are currently trying to “pack engineers” and reduce them.

Jonquier, who was accused of the revelation, was questioned by a PQ member for Sylvain Goudralt.

“That means nothing has been resolved from the Charbonnau Commission,” Mr Goudralt said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

However, Bill 60 is headed by Treasury Board President Sonia Label, who is the chief prosecutor of the Charboneau Commission, and has therefore been at the forefront of the scandals it has uncovered.

Keep in mind that the Ministry of Transport regularly spills out with allegations and controversies.

Mr Martin said the eventual transformation of the ministry into an independent agency would restore professional autonomy for engineers.

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