March 21, 2023

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Trial of lying and incompetent autocrat

Trial of lying and incompetent autocrat

The first moments of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial were a reminder of his authoritarian nature, his words, his incompetence.

The outcome of the Trump trial is predictable. His responsibility to provoke a violent Jan. 6 uprising will be demonstrated, but 17 Republican senators will not dare grant him.

This trial is reminiscent of a disturbing truth. Despite his democratic power, Trump may return to power not by a better coup, but by an election he lost because of his incompetence.

Disclosure Inquiry

It only took a few minutes for the House of Representatives to demonstrate that Trump acted like an autocrat. January 6 provoked a violent uprising against the Capitol.

The former president has stipulated to his supporters that only tough elections will lead to his defeat. Since election night, he has been sowing in their minds the “Big Lie” of large-scale electoral fraud, without any proof.

He ordered his supercharged supporters to go to Capitol Hill and “fight like hell” to manipulate the election result. They believed it. They went to fight. Deaths occurred. It did not take long for even senior politicians to be among the victims.


This trial confirms things we already know: Donald Trump is an attic who believes he can stay in office by lying.

In this trial, Trump’s lawyers are exceptionally incompetent. Their written deposit is riddled with errors, and their rare attempts to construct a legal argument are riddled with contradictions and errors.

This zeal is a reflection of the Trump presidency, which has repeatedly demonstrated the scope of its incompetence and tendency to lie. Exactly one year ago, Trump, aware of the dangers of coronavirus – announced that the virus was no worse than the small flu and that it would disappear miraculously in the spring.

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This incompetence, covered by lies, spread by refusing to listen to his own scientists, which led to this catastrophe, which largely contributed to his electoral defeat.

Awkward question

Republican senators will not dare to condemn the former president, despite irrefutable evidence that he incited his supporters to revolt based on a big lie. At best, his defense may have been so shaky that some Republicans would have to admit guilt.

However, 17 Republican senators are unlikely to have that courage. Trump continues to poison his party and his country by acquitting him.

It is unfortunate that none of the voters or senators rejected him because of Trump’s lies or his power, but because of his incompetence.

Besides being a talker, a liar and a tyrant, what would happen if Donald Trump – at least – were competent?