May 18, 2022

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15 billion YouTube views on “gaming” theme by 2020 (Webidia)

15 billion YouTube views on "gaming" theme by 2020 (Webidia)

Tubular Platform, Founder Member of the YouTube Measurement Program: Webedia continues to perform audience analysis and talent performance on YouTube through audience data from subscriptions, video viewing, interaction and employee profiles.

Following the initial initial audience reviews for French-speaking creators on YouTube (excluding media channels and music artists) in 2019 and in the first half of 2020, the Webdia Group – a leading French media group dedicated to online entertainment with 30.2 million visitors * * – will present its Analysis of the whole 2020, Produced in partnership with Tubular, an American company that provides a business intelligence tool for accessing all audiences on the YouTube video platform.

The year 2020 is favorable for watching videos online

The year 2020, unique in many ways, was strongly marked by the health crisis and the two arrests in a row, which forced the French to stay at home. Video uses have accelerated. In total, videos of French-speaking YouTubers counted *** 109 billion views in 2020, Is + 6% Compared to 2019.

Gaming continues to unite

Gaming, popular theme It has been at the top of the rankings on YouTube since the first half of 2020 15.6 billion videos viewed in 2020, Closely follows the People & Blogs theme, ranking second with 14.6 billion videos.

In this gaming theme, the highest engagement rate (4.3%), Michau, By gaining 2.2 million members on its flagship channel by 2020, Tops the YouTubers gaming rankings with 5.4 million subscribers. In terms of viewed videos, Valuage is part of the top 5 gaming channels that created the most views in 2020 with 349 million views, which is 2.9 times more than in 2019.

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Food and family / parent themes are exposed during detention

This was the first period of confinement, which allowed certain themes to emerge. Between March-May 2020, Family & Parenting and Food & Drink segments gained + 56.4% and + 36.5%, respectively. Compared to the same period in 2019. Swan & Neo and L’Telier de Roxen topped the rankings on these two themes, with 188 million and 51.7 million views, respectively, on their videos posted during this period.

Michau joined the top 10 most followed YouTubers

In the top YouTubers rankings in terms of number of views, the Swan & Neo channel approved the major Squeeze channel in 2020, with 1.3 billion videos viewed during this period. Gaming is booming with the advent of 3 gaming channels in the top 10. Squeeze’s secondary channel, Squeeze Gaming, entered the rankings with 456 million views (+ 28% vs 2019), while Valuez received 349 million views (% views compared to + 193 2019). YouTube lasalle closed the top 10 with 346 million views (+ 8.5% vs 2019).

Regarding the number of subscribers, Squeeze (15.4 million), Cyprian (14 million), Norman (12.2 million) Put the first 3 positions in the top 10 positions. Micho has entered the top 10 most-followed YouTubers, Ranked 8th. The Swan & Neo channel is in the top 10 with 5.3 million members.

Movement in the ranking of top YouTube videos

In 2020, according to the official YouTube ranking of the most popular videos (excluding music), many people topped YouTube thanks to one of their videos: Greg Gillotin and his video Le Pier Staghier (21, 3 million views), Juju Fitz Clash Tibo Inshop (19.4 million views) but Paul Mirabell, Jesse and Just Riyadh. Squeeze’s video, The Live a Horror Thread for Real, ended up getting the highest engagement rate on the Leaderboard at 7%.

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Web talent, still a leader on YouTube

Talent Web Creator Network (Webidia Group) ranks 1st in MCN rankings **** Number of videos viewed (excluding media and music artists) (5.6 billion per year) as well as subscriptions (total 176 million subscribers).

Video and Studio 71 complete the podium of rankings in the videos viewed The Age Network has the best progress with +13.5 million videos seen in 2020 vs 2019.

Photo by Igor Karimov On Unplash