July 6, 2022

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Deloitte sells its regional offices to MNP

Deloitte sells its regional offices to MNP

Deloitte announced this Friday that it was selling 25 of its offices to the Alberta company MNP. From 1Is Mars,900 employees in Canada will change employers, including 500 in Quebec. Deloitte has offices in Montreal, Brosard, Laval and Quebec.

Isabelle DubeyIsabelle Dubey

After reviewing its strategy over the past 15 months, Deloitte has chosen its regional offices to specialize in auditing, taxation and consulting services for small businesses. The company wants to use funds from transactions with Alberton MNP, which did not disclose, to invest in advanced services and diversified services.

“This is not an abandonment, we will pass the torch,” Genevieve Provost, managing partner for Quebec at Deloitte, said in an interview. Tap Via videoconference.

She explains that Artificial Intelligence, Cyber ​​ట్రాsecurity, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics and Cloud Services are the most sought after services by consumers. Deloitte therefore seeks to develop these sectors by investing in technical assets, training existing employees and recruiting new specialized talent.

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Genevieve Provost, managing partner for Quebec at Deloitte

“With the board and senior management, we set the standards for transactions to be win-win for all parties, employees, customers, buyers and Deloitte brands,” she said.

According to Deloitte, MNP has the same values, so customers and employees are happier with the transaction. Alberta Accounting Company, which specializes in SMEs, established its first office in Montreal in 2011. Since then, it has been the second in the metropolis, one in Longyouil and the other in Saint-Georges en Buse. In two weeks, 25 offices will have his name across the province. The total number of employees in Quebec will increase from 300 to 800, bringing the total to 5,571 in Canada.

In a videoconference interview, Jean-Philippe Langevin, a partner at MNP, said: “Its goal is to expand into the rest of the province. The Press. Overnight, the transaction allows for a presence throughout Quebec. It was very appealing to us. ”

“Our company’s model is settling in the provinces and conquering SME markets with regional offices,” he said. Our philosophy is to be physical in the societies in which our clients live and work. ”

“Employees change house”

Deloitte’s 500 employees keep their jobs, salaries, benefits and the same managers. They learned about the transaction Tuesday morning.

“No one at 1 is in the worst positionIs March, more than what happened on February 28, guarantees Jean-Philippe Langevin. If there are differences between insurance limits, for example, we will replace them. The idea was for everyone to join us with a smile. The people I talked to made me feel so excited. ”

“Employees go to a different house. I think anyone who is happy in their current job is going to be happy in their job from 1Is March, Genevieve adds Provost. This is a shock to employees because you are part of a company, you are associated with the brand. However, their leaders, who were informed in advance, mobilized employees realizing that they could be reassured because they had already tested the buyer’s values ​​and viewed the transaction positively. ”

Genevieve Provost said the majority of partners have already signed a deal with a new buyer, expecting clients to follow the teams at MNP. Deloitte, for its part, said it would continue to provide services to private companies as well as government agencies and the public sector.

Of the 11,100 Canadian employees, 2,150 live in Quebec alone.

If other transactions are not planned for next year, Deloitte will remain open for acquisition.

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