March 24, 2023

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Dubroil adds bronze to its collection

Dubroil adds bronze to its collection

Laurent Dubroil was on fire. Friday 500m. Following his dedication to, he became only the second Canadian in history to achieve this feat, winning the 1000m at the World Long Speed ​​Skating Championships. Hirenwein, Netherlands.

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“Everything happened according to the scenario I was expecting,” Dubroil said. I had a quick time and one of the first three skaters had a bad day. I like to hit Thomas Kroll on the ice, but he has two false starts and is disqualified. I feel like I lost and won the medal. On the other hand, I did my job of beating everyone except the two favorites and Kroll shot himself. “

Paired with Kai Verbiz‌ like last year, Dubroil had the best lap time after 600 meters, but the Dutchman beat the skater from Lewis and completed the final lap to set the fastest time. Verbiz took the gold with a time of 1:05:05 compared to Dubroil’s 1:08:56. Russia’s Pavel Kuliznikov (1:08:31) slipped between the two to win the world record silver medal.

“I’m a 500m person and I’m in trouble if I’m not in first place after 600m, because the favorites are better than me in the last lap,” Dubroil explained. I have my best 1000m start and I want to make a big leap to put pressure on him, but Kai is riding like hell. Winning by 0 s 3 is too big. If Kroll was not disqualified, I know for sure he would have hit me. I need special circumstances to get on the podium and make me feel lucky. I 1000m. I have to improve if I want to win over. However, for now, I am enjoying this medal. I will take this and treat her like the last. “

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Dubroil is on the podium at the 1000m Worlds for the second year in a row after winning his bronze medal last year at Salt Lake City.

“Dream World”

Dubroil finished the Worlds with two podiums. “I know Dream Worlds,” he explained. Yours. ”He was really good and he came to congratulate me after my victory. I remember meeting him in Calgary when I was 14 and he talked with me for ten minutes while trying to speak French. “

Ironically, Dubroil finished 4th ahead of Norwegian Howard Homeford Jordant Lorentzgen. Otherspoon is the coach of the Norwegian national team and his skater Dubroil’s best friend.

If he did not back down ating the medal, Gregor Zelonek was so happy that his defense lied to him. “Puck is turning on us,” said the national team coach. In his third 1000m year, Laurent is getting closer to the best. He ran in a relaxed manner and stuck to his race plan. By flipping through the top 5, I wasn’t too far away, but he lied to me. With regard to crawl disqualification, it is part of skating‌. “

The best result

For his part, Betrice Lamarche won the 1000m in her career. Ranked 12th in. “Beatrice did a very good job, praising Zelonek. She is not far from the top 10. She is comfortable and would love to spend another five weeks here.”

Along with De Bruyle at the Mass Start, Ivani Blondin won the silver medal. Valerie Maltois finished 8th. The skater from La Bai fell as she was crossing the finish line and hit the blankets on her head. Speed ​​Skating Canada said it was making us feel very good late in the evening and could not rule out her presence at the start of the 5000m on Sunday.

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