May 25, 2022

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Mousechronnois previously vaccinated (mousecron)

Mousechronnois previously vaccinated (mousecron)

Mouse chronois, which is not part of the preferred population, has been invited to be vaccinated.

In recent days, front-line health care personnel (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, etc.) from Mousecron, Camines-Warneton, Esteimpuis and Peck areas have been called in to call for vaccinations at CHM, invitations have also been sent to individuals who are not part of the priority public for this phase of vaccination …

Many mouscronois who do not meet the criteria for occupation or age receive a message (via SMS and email) asking them to make an appointment to “stitch” at the hospital center. From the mousecron.

Computer bugs have been observed in other parts of the country as well as human error, the origin of this quack … “It’s about a few hundred people getting vaccinated a little earlier than expected”, Lawrence Dunink, CHM’s Communication Manager, explains. “As far as we know, 2,300 people (frontline staff and” average “citizens) need to be vaccinated in the next four weeks.

The AVIQ advises these “non-priority” individuals to make their appointment anyway, with a fine for not being rebuilt in a timely manner … This quack plan should not question the vaccination campaign of priority individuals against Kovid-19.

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