May 22, 2022

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Is Biden better than Trump at immigration?

Is Biden better than Trump at immigration?

During the last election campaign, Joe Biden repeatedly used the immigration theme to distance himself from an opponent who was portrayed as less human.

Under his leadership, the United States once again led the world. These cages of detaining young immigrants are no longer visible, and refugees can support a country built on the invaluable contribution of immigrants.

The 46E However, the president has already faced the limitations of his election promises. If no one expects him to be able to repel the four-year actions of the Trump administration with his fingers, large numbers of immigrants at the border are practicing to moderate and abandon him, temporarily, some elements of its electoral platform.

While Republicans and those close to Donald Trump are already taking pleasure in pointing out the contractions or contradictions of the Biden administration, Democratic allies are also growing impatient. The situation on the southern border is complicated, the Senate has not yet approved Biden’s appointments and a crisis is brewing.

Joe Biden, who has been asked to act, may already be attacking the legacy of the previous administration, but at times he makes hasty gestures. For example, the administration authorizes the purchase of airline tickets (or other modes of transportation) to enroll relatives who are already living in the United States, fearing that they may be able to accommodate adolescents who have reached the border without their parents.

If the new president can be proud of having revised the management of visa holders and legal immigrants, his representatives stressed the need for patience. However, the Image War has already begun.

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Donald Trump’s blunt rhetoric is less often associated with border crossings at the beginning of his term, as Biden’s comments seem to be in line with the message of hope for immigrants who have begun to make fun of him again at checkposts.

For many observers, the increase in the number of immigrants at the border began long before 46E The President, the image we convey is a weak presidency, which will ultimately have to rely on the methods of the previous administration.

Just over a month has passed since Joe Biden was sworn in, but immigration file officials are not giving a break. It is very difficult for the new administration to act quickly and efficiently.

There is an urgent need to negotiate with this Congress to revise certain policies and free up budgets. Even in the majority, Democrats have very little time to form their minds. This issue will serve as a springboard for many Republicans ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Not to mention that Donald Trump supporters have been keeping a close eye on the issue.