May 23, 2022

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Coat-Nord: Nearly 20% were vaccinated and a second dose in mid-March

Coat-Nord: Nearly 20% were vaccinated and a second dose in mid-March

With the vaccination campaign over the past few weeks in isolated areas, the North Coast has begun to rely on the immunity of its population. So far, 17,603 doses have been given, reaching 19.4% of the North Coast population.

In Quebec, 4.1% of the population was injected with 400,540 doses.

The new vaccine campaign for 70- to 79-year-olds will take place on the North Coast from the second week of March.

Not all Pfizer vaccine doses received in the next few weeks are intended for these clients.

Citizens who were vaccinated in December, mostly CHSLD residents, receive their second dose to meet the 12-week interval between two injections.

The Regional Public Health Department will contact these clients directly to make an appointment.

“In March, Quebec will still have large doses of the vaccine,” said Richard Fachehoun, medical officer at the Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CSSS) in North Shore on Friday.

“We definitely have enough doses to give the second dose and at the same time, go ahead for the first dose. We are not cutting back on the first dose to make the second dose. There are enough vaccines to satisfy the entire population,” he added.

Kot-Nord’s Public Health is pleased with the vaccine adherence rate in CHSLDs (95%) and seniors’ residences, private residences and intermediate sources (90%).

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