May 20, 2022

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Gujo wants to lend his cinemas to the government

Gujo wants to lend his cinemas to the government

Vincent Guzzo, a businessman who refused to reopen his movie theaters because the sale of food and beverages was banned in these establishments, said he had moved to lend his films to the government completely free of charge.

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In an interview with TVA Novels, he said he had telephoned the office of Health Minister Christian Dubey, believing that his rooms could be used to promote the vaccine.

“When it closed, I called the health minister’s office and talked to his ‘chief of staff’, who gave me my films for free so that I could be vaccinated. As soon as possible,” an interview.

He felt that a rapid return to normal life would depend on the vaccine, which should go quickly.

“This is an offer I made for free, on the contrary, I do not want to provide a service and make money for it. Cinemas are closed, we open them. Even if they need eight weeks in a row, that’s okay. You can separate the X number of rooms in eight weeks, ”he said.

The proposal came after several weeks of closure authorizing the opening of Cinemas on Friday. The sale of food and beverages is allowed in the Orange Zone, but not in the Red Zone.

The owner of Guzzo Cinemas turned against the government’s announcement to open the film under certain circumstances, which he considered “unstable”. Without food subsidies, he said, Guzzo sales would suffer during the spring break.

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Finally the Legalt government announced that it would give “financial compensation” for the food portion of the filmmakers that would open their doors.

The compensation will actually be a $ 15,000 extension to cover the maximum alert (AERAM) or fixed costs for businesses in the region, according to what the “టOtre Affairs” program learned from several departments last week.