May 23, 2022

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Honored by Regis LaBeouf: “Hello, Maurice! We already lost you “

Honored by Regis LaBeouf: “Hello, Maurice!  We already lost you "

Regis LaBeoum paid tribute to a man named Maurice Tango, who succeeded in changing the face of Quebec through his actions. “Hi, Maurice! We love you, we love you and we have already lost you. ”

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“In communities, there are extraordinary people. It can change the profile or reputation of the city. Maurice Tango, that’s for sure. ”

In the same vein, the mayor of Quebec, Regis Labyum, greeted the contribution of Mr. Tango, who died Thursday at the age of 87. The mayor addressed reporters Friday.

Er Daryam

“I was moved because he was the person I loved. I admired him. I was always impressed by his empathy and his dedication to the population.”

He emphasized his incomparable contribution to society through his business successes, but above all through his actions towards sick children. “He was very successful in business. He worked very hard, he persevered. But money was not his deepest motivation. […] Privately, this man, his family and his foundation have helped hundreds, thousands of people and we don’t even know it. ”

He said he had seen efforts by the Tango family to help sick children who needed special medications or surgery. “He was a man who loved the world regardless of social status. The good he did for thousands of people, especially in eastern Quebec, was extraordinary. ”

Passionate about sports

Quebec Mayor Maurice Tango recalled his great passion for the sport, which he helped create Rouge at or football and helped revive de Quebec.

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The mayor wore in his honor, Friday, Rimoski Oconic, an ater loco from Mr. Tango’s “darling”. “If there is a good lord, he must already work to make him a supporter of the Oceanic and the Rouge et al,” the mayor began.

He also recalled attending the Rimports match against the Oceanic with the Tango family. The patriarch wondered why the people of Quebec in Rybowski had raised his allegations. The mayor then promised to pass a provision to prevent them in the future.

With confidence

Regis LaBeoum was sometimes confident in Maurice Tango, even in the most difficult moments of his political life.

“That guy was able to persuade me to put it behind you.” He explained to you that despite all that he said, he felt that people would love you the same. His judgment on the concept of population in general, not just in politics, is extraordinary. ”

Never denying his origin, in Saint-Philemon, the mayor said that Maurice Tango “has always loved the world and has done so much for everyone in Quebec and eastern Quebec.”


Mr Labim believes his legacy will now continue through his family. “The Tangoos will continue to be as generous as their grandfather in Quebec. A royal family in Quebec, if I could keep it that way. We have not heard of this family in Quebec. There is a guide who lit the trail, who transmitted values ​​and that is Maurice Tango.”


In Lewis, Mayor Gilles Lehoulier also emphasized Maurice Tango’s extraordinary contribution to his community. He was also a man who “recognized him deeply”.

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“He is a great Lewis. For him, the words community and business are closely related. He often said: The important thing in the business we do is to keep the community happy.”

He was also involved in many organizations that help the most disadvantaged. And Mr. Lehoulier was always amazed at the lack of visibility he sought as a reward. “Well he wanted to and he was so happy.”

Maurice was the mayor on the eve of Tango Day and when he took a walk at the festival, all rides there were free, “He was the star. Everyone wanted to take a photo with him, ”said Mr. Lehoulier.

After being elected mayor in 2013, Mr. Tango was personally called upon to congratulate him. “He said to me: I know politics is not that easy. I want to thank you for having the courage to introduce yourself.”

The city of Lewis named Maurice Tango an honorary citizen in 2017. The businessman then spoke to the mayor and said he was most proud of the recognition. “To identify his community, there is nothing that can defeat it,” he argues.

“He’s very affiliated with the Lewis community. For him, it’s very important.”