July 3, 2022

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JSK dominates MCA, ES Sétif again leader (video)

JSK dominates MCA, ES Sétif again leader (video)

The 15E The day of the Algerian Ligue 1 Championship is marked by four matches on Saturday, February 27, all of which ended in victories. Five more games were played yesterday Friday. Game postponed.

Two facts recognized today: ES Setiif’s big win over ASO Chlef (3-0), which enabled him to recapture his leader and the spectacular operation by JSK to win over his opponent on the road., MCA (2 -1).

ES Sétif regained its first place and is one point ahead of JS Saura (2)E, 29 points), and had two games late against one for his Dolphin.

For JSK (5)E, 24 points), his victory in the Algerian Classico against MCA at the stadium on July 5, allows him to stay close at the top of the table.

In other matches, WA Tlemcen won mostly at AS Ain M’lila (3-0), while MCO recorded their third consecutive victory over PAC (3-1).



Olympic Media – CS Constantine (0-0)

JS Saura – US Biscuit (4-0)

NAHD –RC Religion (3-0)

USM Algiers – NC Lean (3-0)

USM Bel Abbas – JSM Skikda ‘2-1)


MC Oran – Paradow AC (3-1)

MCA – JSK (1-2)

ES Setif – ASO Chlef (3-0)

AS Ain Mila – WA Tlemcen (0-3)

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