February 22, 2024

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One year after the pandemic: Franకోois Legalt hopes for vaccines

One year after the pandemic: Franకోois Legalt hopes for vaccines

Prime Minister Franois Legalt, who wants to give hope to Cubans with the mass vaccinations that have begun, said on Saturday that he did not have much faith in the future for a long time.

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Recalling the first anniversary of the first case, which was confirmed in Quebec on February 27, 2020, a woman returning from a visit to Iran wrote in a long message on Facebook, “I’m been very optimistic for a long time.”

“The state of mind that led me to get into politics by creating the CAQ 10 years ago was to help Quebec win,” Mr. Legalt continued. And there, in this long battle against the virus, vaccination is the win against the pandemic. Winning the battle of our lives. ”

The Prime Minister has returned to the main stages of mass vaccinations, which are targeted at clients in the coming weeks and those who have been vaccinated by receiving the first dose, especially in CHSLDs.

“In the last two weeks, we have vaccinated almost all retirement homes,” he wrote. The vaccine takes three weeks to take full effect and therefore, we should see very positive results even in mid-March. And then we vaccinated 200,000 health workers, which puts less stress on them and the system. ”

Do not loosen

Although hope and spring are upon us, Mr. Legalt invites the Kubeckers to be under their protection and do not succeed quickly.

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“We still have some critical weeks, especially due to the spring break and the new variants, especially the B117 (British variant),” he said. I hope Quebeckers stay away from private meetings, we will vaccinate as many people as possible. ”

In addition to talking about the health crisis, Mr Legalt was adamant on financial advertising, especially on Telesat Lightspeed satellites, pointing to Farah Alibe’s exploits by this engineer from Joliet in Lanadier. On the planet Mars.

After Claude Julian was sacked on Wednesday, he also returned saying he had made a joke, saying he did not want to become the head coach for the Montreal Canadians.

“I would love to be the Prime Minister, it’s my pride, it’s my joy, even when we are in crisis as we have been living for a year. , There is nothing to worry about. We have the potential to win in all areas. Hopefully, we are proud! ”

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