May 19, 2022

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A good job earns him a vehicle and a supply of peanuts

A good job earns him a vehicle and a supply of peanuts

The British Columbian, who made headlines to help drive an American family across the Canada-Alaska border, will soon be able to make the same trip in the newest car.

Nick Wells
The Canadian Press

Lynn Marchasalt and her children came to the rescue when Fort St. John’s Canadian Ranger and veteran Gary Bath was caught in a blizzard last November.

This good work was appreciated by Mr. Bath and the American company Planters who provided it to Mr.To me Marchesalt supplies new vehicles as well as peanut lifetime.

“They wrote to us [Facebook] Messenger, Mr. Bath reported in an interview while trying to contact us. Their message was, “I know this sounds crazy, but trust us, it’s true. “”

“I was in a lot of shock. I thought there was a day for the story and we were done,” he admitted.

These awards include the company’s decision to refrain from expensive Super Bowl advertising this year and to give those funds as a gift to the good Samaritans in return. Planters said they are spending $ 5 million on the initiative.

In early November, mTo me Marchesalt and her two children were on their way from Georgia to Alaska when she and her husband got into trouble near a makeshift workers’ hotel on the roadside in Pink Mountain, BC.

Bath said her car was not fitted with winter tires and she was not used to driving on snow-covered roads.

He heard about their accident from friends on Facebook and shared it with his wife.

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“She finished reading and she said, ‘Why are you still here and not helping her?”

Mr. Bath said the two families are now close and he spoke with MTo me Marchesalt.

He and his wife also sent Canadian gifts to Mr.To me Marchesalt for Christmas: Ketchup Chips and Tim Hortons.

Mr. Bath admitted that he was amazed at how much attention his story received around the world.

“It simply came to our notice then. I sat in the truck and drove for a few days. It’s nothing big for me, ”he said.