May 19, 2022

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Golden Globes | Big night for directors and Netflix?

Golden Globes |  Big night for directors and Netflix?


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The video-on-demand platform has a record number of nominations this year, totaling 42. Netflix has been in controversy among the most prestigious categories, most notably “Best Dramatic Picture” with two of the five candidates. The Trial of the Chicago7 And Monk.

Despite 34 nominations last year, Netflix failed to win in Hollywood’s major leagues, leaving only two trophies in the end.

The Golden Globes are one of the most prestigious awards in American cinema and will raise their hopes for this year’s favorites in the Oscar race or vice versa.

For the 2019 edition, the jury of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association awarding these prizes has a hollow nose: all the Golden Globe winners in the film category won an Oscar a few weeks later, except for the film music.

This year, The Trial of the Chicago7, Aaron Sorkin’s play on the repression of demonstrations against the Vietnam War in 1968, and Nomadland, A hymn written by Chloe Zhao to the fame of modern hippies, crosses the United States in their vans, both holding the rope because of their current themes.

Photo Sony Pictures Classics, From Left, Netflix, Searchlight Pictures, Focus Features, Netflix via AP

Movies nominated for Best Drama at the Golden Globes. From left: Father, Monk, Nomadland, Promise to the young lady And The Trial of the Chicago7

“I think it’s probably playing between them,” said Scott Feinberg, an expert at The Hollywood Reporter Magazine Award.

“And if there’s a surprise, it will be Promise to the young lady This is different from what we have seen recently, ”he said.

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Along with this feminist thriller starring Carrie Mulligan, Father, Anthony Hopkins sinks into dementia as an old woman and Monk, David Fincher’s black and white ode to the cult film Citizen Kane, Were also nominated for a major category for Best Drama Film.

Three directors, “two white”

On the director’s side, Chloe Zhao is given an ultra favorite over her rivals, two other women, Emerald Fennel for Promise to the young lady, And Regina King One night in Miami.

“We’ll see how it goes; in the end David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin, the two whites were able to win,” said Pete Hammond, who wants to be careful.

The jury’s darling, Barbra Streisand, is the only woman to win a Golden Globe in this category for her musical film. Yentl In 1984.

The late Chadwick Bosman, who died of cancer last summer, especially after playing in “Black Panther”, has a good chance of winning a Golden Globe for his performance. The black bottom of our rainbow, Netflix movie again. “We knew it was his best character, and he knew it was his last show, so it’s hard to resist,” Tim Gray analyzed.

Among the actresses, Carrie Mulligan has air on her ships Promise to the young lady. She plays a young woman who exposes men to their misfortunes by pretending to be drunk and drunk by quenching her thirst for revenge. However, she finds Francis McDormand and Viola Davis in “My Rain”.

Photo Focus Features by AP

In Carrie Mulligan Promise to the young lady

Unlike the Oscars, the Globes distinguish between dramatic films and comedy films. That is Borat 2, Fictional Kazakh journalist with Sacha Baron Cohen, and musical Hamilton Those who hold the rope in this second category.

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Sacha Baron Cohen was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor The Trial of the Chicago7.

For the first time in the history of the Golden Globes, the ceremony will take place between the traditional Beverly Hills Hotel in California, with actress Amy Pohler as the mistress of the ceremony and her friend Tina Faye in the Rainbow Room in New York. Celebrities including Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

However, most stars must be satisfied to receive their trophy from home.