December 8, 2023

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Lose your apartment for a piece of paper

Lose your apartment for a piece of paper

The family lived for eight years in a duplex in the Park-Extension district of Montreal for the official “intelligence” of the Administrative Housing Tribunal (TAL).

“I forgot to upload proof that it was in my hand! This is really complicated with the NLP. If we forget a little, we’re on the street, ”said Mr. Boudzema, a 5 and a half tenant on Avenue Beaumont, where he lives with his wife and their three children aged 14, 12 and 5.

In December, he received a notice of eviction: the new owner of Duplex 2013 and wanted to expand the accommodation he and his family occupied.

“I pay 10 510 per month. It gave me $ 20,000 if I left on the 1stIs April, ”continues the man who does not want to leave his apartment he loves.

Thus the family decided to oppose deportation. The father emailed the rejection letter to TAL, which he then sent to his employer by registered mail. “I saw on the Canada Post site that he got it back on January 7,” said Boudzema, who printed the notification.

New rule

From 1Is In September, TAL, after its revision, replaced the regi du log‌, the tenant must have a notification from the Canada Post on its website, proving that the landlord has received a dismissal denial document. He has 45 days to do so.

“Folder [de la famille] Closed on February 12 due to administrative folly, condemned Martin Blanchard, head of the housing committee of La Petit-Patri. Before, we can file this evidence directly in court. “

And according to him, this case is “absolutely not”. “At the end of January, I already had another tenant in the same situation. It took away all the motivation. He quit the process, Mr Blanchard said.

TAL spokeswoman Denise Miron confirmed Journal “It simply came to our notice then […] New rules, including those governing the notification of requests ”.

But Mr Boudzema said he had “never been told his file would be closed without the right to hear”, with a slight nod to Mr Blanchard.

Deputy Andres Fontesilla, who is in solidarity with the Laurier-Dorian constituency where the family lives, also believes the policy is “contrary to TAL’s support order.”

“Why not send a little warning to tenants to let them know when the 45 – day period is over?” Park-Extension is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Canada. The family will have to go into exile elsewhere and pay higher rent, ”he pleaded.

Close the files

TAL does not keep it a secret, it is required to be “accountable to established objectives” under the Public Administration Act (LAP).

“The goal of the last version [du TAL] Accelerating policies and resolving the highest number of disputes, Mr. Fontesilla. It is imperative to close the files. “

Mr. Boudzema has opened a new request to TAL to “lift the deadline” of his old file. “I had to pay $ 80, but at least we had a chance to go to court,” he said.

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