July 6, 2022

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“Our players are very pampered”

"Our players are very pampered"

Coach Abdelkader Amrani confirmed yesterday that he will be heading Mouloudia’s technical staff. The MCA board chairman alleged that Hochhaud’s teammates did not respect their commitment to the club.

True, after the defeat in the Classico with JSK, everyone in Mouloudia demanded that coach Amrani leave, but the president categorized this: “We have full confidence in Amrani. We cannot blame him alone for this defeat, because the players also have their responsibility. Amrani has only three games left with the team and he needs time to keep his strategy and his approach. I spoke to him after the game and he was very disappointed with the performance of the players. We never intended to part with him and he will stay until the end of his contract. ”

“Thanks to Mouloudia for making a name for themselves”

President Almas is more determined than ever to change his speech towards the players, they are too luxurious for him: “We need to change our speech towards the players, we need to make them more responsible and most importantly they stop thinking about their arrears. They are spending the best interests of the team. They are in a big club like the MCA They need to understand that they are playing, thanks to Mouloudia that they can make a name for themselves and not the other way around. I think they are very pampered. “

“When confronted by JSK, they were not identified on the field”

Regarding the defeat in Classico, Almas alleged that the players did not do their duty on the field and that it was the first responsibility for this first setback at home: “The players in this Classico lost their content. They did nothing to win over the JSK team. The club management kept all the way and the team is training in the best conditions and we also respect our commitment to them financially. Frankly, I do not understand how we lost this match. “

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