July 5, 2022

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PQ calls for home vaccinations for the most vulnerable

PQ calls for home vaccinations for the most vulnerable

Home vaccinations are more conducive to the situation of vulnerable seniors who are not at home, the party Cubacois (PQ) said on Sunday, criticizing the government’s policy.

The request was made by PQ spokeswoman for the elderly, Lorraine Richard, and Joel Arseno, one of the health and social services, who believe all seniors will not be able to travel to get the vaccine even with help.

“The government, which has been busy planning vaccination operations for months, is surprised to ignore the remote issue, given the vast territory of Quebec, for example. Or, despite the evidence, sometimes, he fails to consider that a simple action that moves a person could endanger their health or safety,” Arseno said in a statement. .

Oles-de-la-Madeline member and his colleague for Duplessis also believe that the Legalt government does not provide adequate support for community organizations that look after the transportation of seniors and their good care.

These individuals, mostly volunteers, are also the elderly who face the most challenges, PQ said.

Joel Arseno believes Quebec can draw inspiration from Switzerland, where home vaccination operations have been launched.

“We use refrigerated boxes, the time is strictly controlled and all the players cooperate effectively,” he said. The important thing is to plan carefully beforehand and use the right people like paramedics. ”

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