May 28, 2022

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“A look from Dom Ducharm, often it fits …”, said Jack Foucault.

"A look from Dom Ducharm, often it fits ...", said Jack Foucault.

When Dominic Ducharm is unhappy, he doesn’t even need to open his mouth to make it clear to one of his players.

One of the characteristics of the interim head coach of the Montreal Canadians is the snowy sight that sends cold to the poor offender.

“A look from Dom Ducharm, often it fits,” goalkeeper Zach Foucault said on a podcast visit. Dosage TVA Sports. If you are in the same room with him, sometimes his eyes are sharp. The rumors are true … “

At the time, at the age of 16, Foucault was unlucky enough to be late for his first team meeting with the Ducharm-led Halifax Mooseheads …

“That’s not with Dom‌!” There is content to tell the masked man. He does not need to be clear.

Despite this small incident, the relationship between Foucault and Ducharm is great. In fact, he wonders how Ducharm fails as head coach in the National Hockey League.

“I honestly see no reason against him,” he said, not surprising about his former preacher’s rise.


According to Foucault, the Mooseheads would not have won the Memorial Cup in 2013 without Ducharm.

Next they know exactly which buttons to press so his team puts their foot on the accelerator when they win the strings together.

It is known that even the teams that are used to winning can enjoy leisure time …

“There are times when you can win four, five or six games in a row. Then we win again, say 4-1 after one or two seasons, but he came into the room and he was not happy,” Foucault said.

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“One thing that always stays with me is that he is honest. Whatever happens, he says exactly what he sees in that moment. “

Good communicator

In front of the lens, Ducharm seems to be reserved and not much talked about. It makes you wonder if he’s really a good communicator with the players in the locker room.

However, we should not fall into this trap.

“I wouldn’t describe him as a guy who doesn’t talk big,” Foucault said. With people he knows and meets on a daily basis, the Dome is super open. ”

“Actually, when he speaks, it has authority,” Foucault continued. People believe in him. It really gives him hockey knowledge, credibility. When he opens his mouth and says something, you listen and you take it into consideration because it carries so much weight in the hockey room. “

Life lesson

During his first press conference as head coach of the Canadians, Ducharm drew an interesting parallel between school and hockey.

“I’m ready. When you prepare for your exam at school, you don’t care about the questions. You’re ready to answer. Ducharm painted. You’re scared if you do not study.”

This comment did not fail with Fukale smiling. He heard Ducharm use this similar time and time again.

“It was one of the life lessons he gave us as a junior,” Cerberus explained. He believes in himself, he believes in his preparation, he believes in his progress. “

In addition, on a personal note, Foucault said he would have absolute pleasure with the Bears of Hershey, the Washington Capitals Club-School.

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“I am just happy to be free. For the past few years, people may have been wondering what happened and where I was, admittedly the man who has been running his mogul for the past three seasons. But I play hockey and I am very happy. I plan to play hockey for a long time. ”