July 6, 2022

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Emmanuel Agger was injured in some behavior in Big Brother

Emmanuel Agger was injured in some behavior in Big Brother

On Sunday, Emmanuel Ager was evicted from his home Big Brother Celebrity, After requesting himself to his game teammates. The actor has been showing signs of moral exhaustion for several weeks and has repeatedly mentioned the fact that he is very bored with his family. We got a chance to talk to him after he left the adventure.

Obviously, he’s had some peace of mind since he was released, but he does not have much time left to reunite with his children: ” I have not loved my home so much since last night, I am so quiet. There is something that comforts me “, He started early, happy to find his real life.

Inside the walls the actor evokes a very difficult time, where a very strategic game takes place. In the end, he felt he did not have the right personality to take part in such an organization: ” I’m sorry, not at all! I will do it again, not at all! This is not a game for a person like me. »

What Emmanuel Ager did not address was that there were storms in the glass of water and it affected him. We think of some of the events that Camille was involved in: “ Storms in a glass of water. Among others, Camille’s crisis is unequal. I said unacceptable things, everyone says so at home, but I don’t even know what to say. Everyone told me how much I hurt her. It took us one and a half hours after Jean-Thomas dug in, I told Camille she had beautiful hair with lollipops and it made her younger, it made her childish. There is another context in which I make gay comments about Jean-Franకోois. This happened until I went to see Jean-Franకోois and he was not sure what I was talking about. »

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He adds on the subject: ” It takes incredible proportions. Because we are always together, we are not in contact, we sometimes do nothing for 12-13-14 hours. So for some, they have to make gossip, which is sometimes part of the tactics. […] The Arab telephone game world is so old. But in that house, ah! This is a very cruel game, but it’s a lot of fun. »

The actor believes he saw unacceptable behavior: ” This game shows that humans have the best ability, but they also have the worst ability. I saw trash on so many occasions and it really frustrated me, so, so, so much. […] I sometimes see Machiavellian laughter, the girls go and get upset and they are happy. As a human being, how happy are you about this? »

Therefore, as the weeks go by, Emmanuel Agger is wasted in this brutal case: ” From the fifth week, I no longer wanted to hear about the game, about betrayal. I hate that we are human, that we are destroying ourselves. I quietly destroyed myself from the inside. Not just through play, but by being there, the boredom I have towards my lover, my kids, my stepmother. Rather than people betraying and lying to each other and looking me in the eye and saying I swear to each other, I know this is basically a lie. To see people crying that they would have to get out of the adventure, others laughed out loud. […] In the end, I couldn’t do it anymore. I understand a product that has a presentation to give, but I am not capable of it anymore. »

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Fortunately, the artist finds peace of mind with his family: “ With me I have the most amazing woman in the world, on the whole earth, in the universe and I met her. I live, she has a wonderful son. I have three wonderful children. We say at all times that the grass of others is green. For me, my lawn, it was so beautiful. […] I, at home, am richer than Franయిois Lambert. »

Let’s remember that This week’s player misconduct has particularly disappointed viewers.