April 2, 2023

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The final step in the handover process on Meng Wanzhou

The final step in the handover process on Meng Wanzhou

Vancouver | The Chinese Huawei finance director returned for a final hearing in a Canadian court on Monday, after a two-year legal battle and crisis that will finally decide whether to extradite her to the United States. Diplomatic.

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Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Chinese telecom giant Huawei founder, was arrested at the Vancouver airport in late 2018 at the behest of the United States, accusing her of violating U.S. sanctions on Iran and seeking a judge for bank fraud.

Om’s lawyersTo me Meng seeks to reverse this policy by arguing that Canada and the United States have infringed on their client’s rights. According to them, she could not get a fair trial if she was eventually extradited.

The case led to an unprecedented diplomatic crisis between China and Canada, the second largest trading partner after the United States, and the trials came during a particularly tense period between the two countries.

Earlier this week, US President Joe Biden publicly backed Canada, demanding the release of two Canadians arrested in China ten days later.To me Meng.

“We do not trade humans like chips,” he said after his first virtual meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Two other Canadian programs provoked Beijing.

Ottawa condemned the unilateral detention of foreigners as a tool of diplomatic pressure in a statement signed by 60 countries in February. Canadian MPs have also adopted a non-binding motion similar to China’s dealing with its Uyghur minority with “carnage”, which Beijing described as “malicious provocation”.

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OmTo me Meng alleged that Huawei had lied to a HSBC bank executive in 2013 about its links to a subsidiary that sold telecom equipment to Iran, and that the bank had been subjected to US sanctions. The applicant has always denied these allegations.

A few days after her arrest in Vancouver, after living under her house arrest, former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and his compatriot Michael Spover were arrested in China and charged with conspiracy.

“Completely political” document

For Canada, with the support of many Western countries, two Canadians were placed “unilaterally” in retaliation for Mr’s arrest.To me Meng, this was denied by Beijing.

According to Chinese diplomatic spokesman Hua Chunying, China believes the case against Huawei is purely political and aims to disrupt its international trade development.

In August, Washington, the leader of the campaign against Huawei, did not allow the group’s 38 international subsidiaries to restrict their access to American technologies.

Huawei, a key player in 5G (Ultra-Fast Generation Mobile Internet), fears that US intelligence services will use Chinese devices to monitor communications and traffic data from the United States.

Meng Wanzhou’s argument should be argued before the British Columbia Supreme Court that former President Donald Trump “poisoned” the trial by insisting that he would not hesitate to intervene in the case against Mr Pie at the end of 2018.To me Meng if he gets any trade concessions from China.

Attorneys for Canada’s Attorney General have accused the judge of rejecting the statement, arguing that “the incumbent president, about the possible interference, in this case, ‘never happened’.

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Defense should also argue that Canada cheated to obtain its arrangement.

The trial is set to begin in mid-May, but with an appeal, it could take years.