May 18, 2022

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“Those who do not follow discipline will be released”

"Those who do not follow discipline will be released"

Amrani, the first person in charge of Mouloudia de Algar’s technical list, pointed out to his players who criticized him, especially his own working style. It was in this manner that he realized that he had coached the great players who had won titles. He was not happy and threatened to remove her from the next transfer window.

Everyone in Mouloudia is looking forward to re-training with Howchaud’s teammates to see how Amrani will deal with his players, who have told their relatives that they want Noble Negiz back and that they do not want to work with Amrani. The former coach of CSC used this opportunity to target his players. Amrani says bluntly: “I don’t like to believe what I read in the magazines and what I hear. I don’t want to know if this is right or wrong. I also know a lot about you and I do not want to add fuel to the fire because I will not say anything today. Let me tell you one thing, my working style has allowed me to win so many titles and today I am going to change. I have coached great players in the past and everyone has followed my work plan and approach to seeing things. Now, I tell him that the person who does not follow my working method, the transfer window is very close. ”

“I’m here, I’m here”

After the defeat in Classico, the players demanded that Amrani leave because he was the first responsible for the defeat due to his working style which was not suitable for the players. Amrani also told his players: “If you want to leave me, you are very wrong. I signed in Mouloudia and I will be there, honoring my contract to the end. ”

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“Now I want to win over TFC”

Before concluding his speech, Coach Amrani asked his players to turn to Classico and everything that happened after this match; He collected a 3 point victory and asked for a great match in Senegal from Hachoud’s teammates: “Now that we have all emptied our bag, we must turn this page and start the preparation of our match of the African Champions League with the Tengu team. I do not want anything, I want fighters. Tomorrow at 9 am, we will start preparations for this match. I want the players to focus on training, because if we want to succeed in our game, we have to be serious and focus on training sessions. This is the key to success. ”

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Hachhoud, Frioui and Belkir respond to their coach:

“We never said we didn’t want you”

Before concluding his speech, he blocked MCA captain Amrani from defending himself, as his two teammates Frioui and Belkir had done: “Coach, we never said we did not want you. We respect you and this defeat will not stop us. It is not our right to remove a coach or president. We are the only employees in this club. ”