May 23, 2022

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Adez Penros Gaming Headset Review: Planner Magnetic Luxury on the PS5 and PC-Compatible Wireless Headset

Adez Penros Gaming Headset Review: Planner Magnetic Luxury on the PS5 and PC-Compatible Wireless Headset

Due to the physical similarity between Penrose and Mobius, Penrose was expected to be the only one to transfer his brother’s voice – less integrated virtual localization. However, this is not the case: his sound performances show significant changes… some ambiguity.

Therefore, while the Mobius strikes with its ideal neutrality, the Penrose displays a profile with delicate colors and is most common in helmets, especially in the frequency response to transition from medium to high (approximately 5 to 6 kHz). Gaming. This feature draws the sharpness of the audio message very strongly – this can be seen as an advantage by followers of the “serious” game, as it reduces the listening fatigue that can be felt during long listening sessions. Absolutely, however, this is apparent above all as a slight flaw in the existence and transparency of the sound. This is even more true by the contrast effect, when the auditory attention shifts toward the treble, which takes a slightly brighter turn.

Fortunately, all of these can be corrected, at least to some extent, thanks to the equalization provided by the Audi HQ app – using the latter is very labor intensive. The solution is certainly not perfect: valuable manipulations remain in Treble‌, which can be attributed to a somewhat narrow stereophonic scene. However, you get used to it very quickly.

In addition to this single blame, with Mobius we still find the exciting clarity and sound dynamics on the Penrose. The lower half of the spectrum, in particular, is free from any blame. We were particularly impressed with the breathtaking depth of the bass – which benefited from the very generous width (10 cm) of the layers initiated by the planar magnetic technology. Although there is a slight decrease in the frequency response less than 60Hz, the presence and physiological effect of low frequency encies virtues is quite dramatic. This is very useful for soundtracks for games and movies with large scenes, in which the LFE channel takes the rest of the spectrum at a monumental level without suppressing it. But he also knows how to benefit from listening to music, with the rare clarity of these bass drum hits.

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