December 1, 2023

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Charles D’Od Chez Knowes comments on his former Eloise’s romantic relationship

Charles D'Od Chez Knowes comments on his former Eloise's romantic relationship

Last Sunday, beautiful Eloise Lafrenier She surprised everyone by revealing that she had found love again, one at the same time More than her new man and her adorable shot (Etienne Paquin, Former candidateFrom Portugal) Kiss!

It is believed that lovers fell in love during the epidemic, followed by adventureEloise At Double Occupancy Chase Now, We found out last night that it was Lovebirds Already know From… But, they looked at each other!

Quickly, fansDouble Occupancy Chase Now Choked with curiosity and hurried to write Charles Montigni, With who Eloise He was in a relationship during his adventureFrom, To find out his reaction to the new relationship His ex-girlfriend!

Instagram Charles Montigni

Charles So believe in his Instagram stories on the subject:

«I already have very few questions about this. In general, I can not answer these kinds of questions about my private life, but because there is From… It’s not really private, so let me tell you what I think! You know From, These are conditions that allow you to develop feelings and emotions very quickly. I think Elo and I would not have been a couple if we had not met From. When we went out, we went through the hardest things, each on our own, and I think our team, our duo, our chemistry were not very functional. This is not very good for us. So we decided to go our separate ways. It’s been a while since I mourned this relationship. So, does this bother me? No answer! I think Etienne was very helpful to Eloise before and after the adventure, and I think it’s a good way to fall in love with someone. So, I’m happy for them!»

That is obvious! By the way, Charles Indicates that he will not answer other questions related to this situation!

Besides, for the fans Charles Montigni, The first e-book of Web founder and speaker Now available on the web And here it is:

«Concretely, my ebook is

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