March 30, 2023

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The airport must keep its name

The airport must keep its name

A petition calling for the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport to be renamed in honor of Mr. Rene Lowesque is circulating on the Internet. At the time of writing, the document has garnered nearly 20,000 signatures, including several separatists.

The petition states the following information (the petition speaks of “new facts”) that “in the wake of the first government of Renనే Lowesque came to power he wanted to conspire with Prime Minister Trudeau to destabilize Paul Desmeres. The economy, nothing less.”

However, these “revelations” were actually made by none other than the American ambassador, Thomas Enders, the new ambassador to the United States in Ottawa. According to ExxonMobil, the telegrams from Mr. Enders show that Mr. Trudeau then plotted with the founder of the Power Corporation to increase or double the unemployment rate, as if it were made by separatists, too fast. In the referendum he is planning on in the province and on the Sovereignty-Association, the chances of the Ren ప్రభుత్వం Lowesque government winning are slim.

In November and December 1976, Mr. Enders met with Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Desmeriz and Ian Sinclair, President of the Canadian Pacific. According to the diplomat, Mr Desmaris said Mr Trudeau had “suggested” that his business move out of Quebec, thereby raising the unemployment rate in the province from 10% to 15% and 20%. We are confronted with a comment made by Mr. Enders (now deceased) to a comment made by Mr. Desmoris (now deceased) on the words of Mr. Trudeau (now deceased). To the best of my knowledge the only person who could confirm this hearing was Mr. Mark Lalonde, an important member of the Trudeau cabinet at the time. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Trump’s government.

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Furthermore, he believes that Mr. Trudeau’s intelligence, as well as his admiration for his people, can be considered a strategy for the land he burned. First, Mr. Trudeau was as powerful as Paul Desmoris that he was well aware that he was not only capable of blowing up the unemployment rate in the province. However, Mr. Desmeriz did not. Proudly Franco-Ontarian, Paul Desmaris’ father also loved Quebec well; Despite hating separatists, he would never accept such a maneuver. In fact, a few months later, Mr. Desmeriz attended an economic summit hosted by the Lowesk government.

However, a careful reading of the telegrams signed by Ambassador Enders reduces some serious interpretation of the questionable conversations. After an interview with the federal prime minister, Mr Enders quoted the CP president as saying, “I have no sign of withdrawing, but I have no incentive to stay.” “No signal to withdraw”; Where are the plots?

From his conversation with Mr. Trudeau on November 17, 1976, Mr. Enders maintained: “Investors should not make hasty decisions, that is, invest in Quebec, but adopt a wait – and – see attitude.” “No hasty decisions”; Where is the “economic devastation”?

Two old telegrams do not make history. No matter what the independence leaders say, Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Paul Desmoris made significant contributions to the evolution of Quebec in the second half of the 20th century. It is important to recognize this contribution, as well as, the immense contribution of Mr. Lowesque.