September 27, 2023

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The fast food chain is going to be successful with this burger!

The fast food chain is going to be successful with this burger!

Following the new Veggie Burger McPlant, a large chain of fast food McDonald’s has created a new sandwich for the year 2021. And it has the potential to be successful.

The new burger that comes after the wonders that terrified the web

This kind of promising news, it definitely wants to turn the page in 2020 and get the week off to a great start. McDonald’s has released the newest burger Next year. And no, it’s not the MacPlant we’ve known for a few days, whose recipe has driven all vegetarians crazy.


Not even McBagget, which has delighted all baguette fans when he returned in recent days. So it is a New burger Absolutely amazing and delicious and it makes McDonald lovers go crazy

Crispy New Chicken Deal from McDonald’s

The American fast food giant wanted to impress chicken lovers. So after Nuggets and Mickicken, McDonald’s Wanted to remember this occasion. The brand wants to re-launch its famous spice nuggets in the United States, and in a few weeks will be creating an incredible burger with good crispy chicken.

New burger at McDonald's
New burger at McDonald’s

This burger has not yet found its name, but we already know what is in it. It’s really good crispy chicken, potato pancake, les ragas and sauce yet unknown and kept secret.

Unfortunately for those in a hurry, it is necessary to wait until 2021, because the burger will not be released until next year. We hope that France will also be one of the countries where you have a chance to taste this burger that promises to be incredible. It’s a shame if we can’t taste it.

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