July 3, 2022

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Trudeau Airport: Sovereigns are wrong

Trudeau Airport: Sovereigns are wrong

Society Saint-Jean-Baptist, supported by PQ, Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau has filed a petition to change the name of the airport to Rene Lowesque.. What a false fight!

In 1976, sovereigns responded to a diplomatic telegram from Thomas Enders, the former US ambassador to Ottawa.

It is reported that this ambitious diplomat wanted to punish the Quebec who elected Prime Minister Trudeau Pique to his country anyway.

He is said to have sought the help of Paul Desmeris, president of his most powerful ally, the Power Corporation, to help transfer operations and investment to the rest of Canada to raise the unemployment rate in Quebec by 10%. 15% and 20% year after year.

The anger of many sovereigns who are willing to go all the way to barricades for the cause of losing in advance cannot be justified.

This is the reason for these symbolic successes mentioned earlier to compensate for our collective impotence. Entered into two of the most tragic defeats in our modern history.

  • Listen to Denise Bombardier’s column on QUB Radio:


This petition is outrageous because it proves once again our collective powerlessness.

First, the decision to rename the airport was federal.

We do not yet expect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to behead his father.

What a terrible macro-aggression for Quebeckers! In the same way, we must refrain from entering into symbolic wars, which are only an expression of our lack of courage in the past.

In 1980, all we had to do was answer a question addressed with the mandate to discuss sovereign annexation with Ottawa, not with the partition of Quebec.

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In 1995, “Do you agree that Quebec will become a sovereign after it formally offers Canada a new economic and political partnership?” […] ? Again it was 54,288 votes.


If the French-speaking electorate in the Quebec region voted more broadly to say yes, should we turn the iron on the wound by writing yes and no in black and white?

So we were torn between the Francophones, the Anglophone and the Allophone Quebeckers performing on the United Front. The current struggles for another defeat are unbearable and humiliating and will lead to another final rejection.

PQ, in its own way, works this way in these desperate attacks against the CAQ, not to be forgotten by a sovereign.

Franయిois Legalt should be among the cross-shares of all Cubans who want to strengthen Bill 101 and take a more robust approach to enhancing the quality of written and spoken French.

Knowing that Quebecars respect their singers, but they are rarely heard in the media, the government should encourage the spread of French language song.

Before we can start crying out for a rally around the referendum that will reach only 30% of Quebecs, we need to achieve real success. Otherwise, we will be permanent losers.